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00individual is a professional artist, writer and conceptual designer.

His life experience coincides with every historical, political, cultural and technological milestone event during the peak times of historic novelty from 1951 to the present. This gives him a unique perspective for credible observations made from personal experiences.

With his own mutant strain of Hyperthymesia, he is able to remember experiences, feelings, events and conversations in detail and transcribe them for historical evidence about a time when anything was possible.

The classic and historic music and rock concert archives are based not only on his interest and personal experience but for the fact that during those classic times he was either a free form Hippie, production artist, record store manager, or rack jobber/ buyer.  As a Rack Jobber he was a traveling record store manager with accounts all over greater Los Angeles as a buyer for major dept. stores, military base malls and record store franchises; he had to know ALL genres and what was hot and what was not, and why.

00individual is compelled to do his best to convey the Vibe through reports, reviews, facts, and fun about the concerts, music, and culture in and around Los Angeles during the classic rock concert era: ’65-’75.
His life, heart and soul couldn’t have been at a better place in time than in his late teens in the late ’60s in L.A.; he saw, heard and experienced history personally – from every angle.

00individual speaks Tribal Truth.

Peace and Love!

Hippies, Rockers and Live Music Lovers!

We were all aware that the times were special, but were having too much fun to fully appreciate the magnitude of music history we were witnessing. We were living it! Through hindsight one can truly appreciate the cultural peak of the entire music scene and concerts specifically, from the mid-’60s up to the mid-’70s. This was an incredible time for all us music-loving concert-going fiends!

In 1969 I was 18 and had an art department job near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport); on the opposite end of the country was Woodstock, so I missed-out. I made up for it by going to see as many rock icons as possible when they played L.A. I have included an album cover or handbill header indicating material popular at the time or featured on tour. In many cases, these concerts were performed at the creative height of the artist/ bands’ careers when they were making history!
Although I have always had an extremely broad interest in music, you’ll see that for a glorious decade Rock Ruled Supreme! And for a short period prior to big business smelling the money in our music; concert tickets were scaled anywhere from $ .50 up to the outrageous $7.50!

Remember, that although much of the music of this era is considered classic now and served as the basis for all that came after; we were hearing this music, these songs, for the first time, it was new uncharted territory! There were no precedents!* Try and put yourself in this frame of mind; you have never heard The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Who, no Dylan, Zeppelin or Doors, and no Hendrix, weird world, huh? Then imagine the fun, fresh, thrilling and wonderfully strange impact this music, the albums and the concerts had on us. Everyday was a celebration, everyday held forth excitement just to be living during this mass evolvement of the youth culture. And music led the charge, and we all followed.

People say those alive remember where they were when they first heard about JFK’s assassination; well, that I don’t recall, but I do know exactly where I was the first time I heard Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”! No apologies; I was, am and always will be a music fiend. And as an artist I have had the luxury to control my environment and I can say that I’ve been listening to and enjoying music for the better part of the day for the better part of my life; and I’m definitely better for it!

Although most of these concert reviews are written in the third person, they generally reflect the universal reaction, enjoyment and feelings of the group of friends I ran with back then and could easily translate to include like feelings in many of our concert-going Tribes across the Nations during those high times.
For the record: That lame statement, “If you can remember the ’60s, then you weren’t there”, is meant as a comment on memory loss due to the drug use of the era – or that you were a poser. The people that generally use this quote are those who sadly sat on the sidelines and therefore have no memories, while the rest of us were enjoying that precious fun time to its fullest and created memories. My memory of the ’60′s (and ’70s) is vivid; I had my eyes open, my ears open and my mind open.


*(African American Rhythm and Blues roots respectfully and rightfully-noted as the basis for all R ‘n’ R, R & B and Jazz. I refer to the cultural impact of this new music scene as a whole.)

The index and thumbnail of a true Hippie – natural roach clips!
You may laugh, but when no one had a clip, guess who got the concentrated  last hits?

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  1. It’s such a pleasure to see this.. thank you for all the time and love you put into sharing the madness and the magic of ( for me ) one of the best time in History.. although I love the 1960s , I was still just a little too young to fully throw myself into the rush.. but I turned 15 in 1970 and from that point until I was 25 in 1980 … my friends and I lived the Non-Stop Psychedelic 24/7 Party that was L.A in the 1970s…I’ll always be grateful .. Happy Halloween !!

    • Well, the ’70s were actually more “active” than the ’60s as there were concerts weekly and parties nightly!
      Glad you enjoyed and Happy Hallowe’en to you!

      • Hi I lived in 10 th crt hermosa beach in 1970 and went to that TYA, GFR ,and PG and E, concert was a highlight of my time in LA I appears our paths have crossed ever so fleetingly

  2. Ran across this blog as I was trying to find information about Crane’s Music in Inglewood, where I bought my first “real” guitar. I grew up in Inglewood and Crane’s was the “hep” music store where I spent many a day browsing the albums. Wouldn’t mind trading stories if you’re interested. Thanks!

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  5. hello my friend, congratulations for your page and choosing the albums that have made the history of the seventies, have taste and knowledge of music, why do not you also a lineup of the best albums of the 80’s, 90’s and up to the present day ?
    a warm hug and congratulations again

  6. I worked at Record Rack in the mid to late 70’s. Jerry Talmadge was the manager as I remember. I too drove the van to El Toro LTA and Dooly’s Hardware in Long Beach. Lisa Talmadge worked in the office, along with Vicki ? & Mavis Chan. Those were fun times. I worked for West Coast Music Sales before that (another one stop on Pico), Licorice Pizza and Middle Earth in Downey before that.

    • What a trip! Right On!
      All the names click, it was the Talmadge brothers, correct? RR was right across the street from Record Merch. I’m memory-jammed at the moment, I remember Rick B. was another jobber/driver and the other guy our age that moved up to manager position.
      I don’t use my real name anywhere on this blog as I’m “branding” 00individual.
      Well, StewartFX we may well have pulled, boxed and delivered,then dealt with returns, and all else together over there on Berendo (?) – trippy times – I was there for about two years then went back to retail record stores – same pay, closer to home groovy environment.
      … so you know/remember that stretch of freeway headin’ for LTA, it was wide open back then, I flew.

  7. Great blog. Would you be interested in contributing to an ebook Anthology that focuses on cultural/political moments from the last few decades, especially the 60s?
    A piece on a particularly significant event, book, movie or album, with an indication of why and how it was influential would be just the thing.
    Please get in touch for further details by emailing us at changingtimespress@gmail.com.
    Look forward to hearing from you,

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  10. Hello! I’m a writer in New York working on a book for Simon & Schuster, and I stumbled upon your blog post mentioning the Psychedelic Supermarket on Hollywood Blvd. This setting figures into one of my chapters, and I’d love to ask you a few questions about it, if you have any time. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience– elogangreenwood [at] gmail [dot] com Thanks so much!

  11. Dang! I seem to be 4 years late to the party. I get my 60’s kicks filtered through my parents who were hippies in London in the late 60s and due to an incredible fusion of time and place just saw every artist worth seeing, almost – before heading off ‘up the country’ to raise hippie children in the wilds.

    One day, I’m going to inherit an astonishing record collection … (sorry, can this be used as evidence against me?!)

    • Sorry for a late reply, but yes, it can and will be held against you – and for good reason – Classic Rock Rules!
      Your parents and I were Brothers and Sisters that we never knew but would treat as such if we did.
      It was a magical time to pass through and I thank all of the Gods for allowing me that experience and perspective.
      You know, you don’t have to be of that era, it is all about your spirit and where it resides and what it gravitates to – late to the party but enjoying it is way better than missing it altogether.

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