4 comments on “00individual’s 2013 Top 50 Posts and Pages

    • Well, I was concerned, but a little internet detective work deduced that you were still alive, so . . . great to hear from you and I send good vibes and Happy New Year backatchya!

      • My doctor said that he was recently advised to check all boomers for hepatitis because the blood testing wasn’t very thorough before the AIDS epidemic occurred. Another reason for the notice to doctors is because of the nature of our selected recreations back in the day. I was no angel in my youth but I’ve had my blood tested as part of my physical every year for the last 15 years. My liver enzymes were always normal. This recent test showed that I have Hep C! Evidently we can be asymptomatic for 30 years or more. The treatment is not fun.

        • Interesting. Last January I was out for a month, sickest I’d nearly ever been, turned yellow, didn’t know what I had, not a drinker so wasn’t my liver, never used needles, wasn’t hep, but I’ll never know as I just stayed in bed and fought it without a doc’s input, lost close to 15 lbs. After about 3 weeks I got better – it was like I was poisoned, no posts for the month of Jan., could hardly function – sound similar?
          Real sorry to hear, hope you’re on the mend!

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