1968 Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll Doodle Art




In February 1969 00individual graduated high school mid-term and celebrated his 18th birthday.  After an abbreviated stint at West L.A. Collage (built on the old M.G.M. Lot 3), he had the opportunity to work in a government-sponsored art department; SWRL (South West Regional Labs for Educational Research and Development), being an obsessed artist since he was a kid, he went for it.

While he had tons of amateur art to show at his interview, this one piece (above) got him his first professional artist job.
The art director said, “If you can do this, then you’re qualified and hired.”

This single piece of art began his 45+ year professional career across nearly all mediums of art.
While this piece could never have that impact on an art director today – it thankfully did back then.

Even though he worked with the artist who hand-painted the poster for the Steve McQueen movie “LeMans” and the artist who in the 1980′s would have hand-painted thousands of backgrounds for all the cartoon animation houses; he was mainly responsible for paste-up and production work, but, the detail of his “psychedelic art on a high school notebook divider card” paid off.

How could he have known that while he was doodling in class – when he should have been listening and studying – it would serve him better than any academic knowledge obtained. While most high school academia, in reality, is forgotten past the classroom tests; this image stayed.

Needless to say, but he’ll do it anyway, he was ecstatically in love with all the new sounds coming from these immensely talented groups which he etched in stone, er, a, pen.

It was and always will be an exquisite, magickal, phantasmagorical, soul-pleasing, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll free-form period in American history and he lived it to its’ fullest – and then some.

Click on the image for an enlargement.


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