Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 1972 – featuring October

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October 1972

October 1972 marks an extremely fun high-point in 00’s life; he had just turned 21 in February and was in the middle of a solid rockin’ year as manager of World Famous  “Cranes” Palos Verdes Record store, 00 left the store that he had made home for a job as a Record and Tape Rack Jobber for an L.A. distributor for the following year.
These were the days when EVERYTHING was new and every day was an adventure – it was the times – not just for 00, but for all of those individuals who contributed to the VIBE!
The early ’70s were unexplored lands, new adventures, new highs, new experiences, and new sounds! 1970 through 1975 was epic and the pinnacle of Classic Rock – 00 was there.

October 1972 Happenings:

Oct 1 “Don’t Play Us Cheap” closes at Barrymore Theater NYC after 164 performances
Oct 1 New York City Marathon: men’s event won by Sheldon Karlin in 2:27:52; Nina Kuscsik wins women’s race in 3:08:41
Oct 2 Aeroflot Il-18 crashes near Black Sea resort of Sochi, kills 105
Oct 2 Danish population votes for membership of the European Common Market
Oct 3 Spaceflight 71-2 launched; 1st flexible substrate photovoltaic flown
Oct 3 USSR performs nuclear test
Oct 4 Future Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams manages his final game as Texas Rangers lose to KC Royals, 4-0 in the last game played at Municipal Stadium; Williams replaced by Whitey Herzog
Oct 5 Herbert Mullin 1st kills, claiming it was to prevent earthquakes
Oct 6 22-car train carrying 2,000 pilgrims derails, kills 208 in Mexico
Oct 8 Despite retiring with suspension trouble at the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, Emerson Fittipaldi becomes first Brazilian to win the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship; wins by 16 points from Jackie Stewart
Oct 9 “Dude” opens at Broadway Theater, NYC; runs for 16 performances
Oct 11 World Hockey Association officially debuts as the Alberta Oilers defeat the Ottawa Nationals, 7-4 at the Ottawa Civic Centre
Oct 11 Panama adopts constitution
Oct 11 Prison uprising at Washington, D.C. jail
Oct 11 MLB National League Championship: Cincinnati Reds beat Pittsburgh Pirates, 3 games to 2
Oct 12 46 sailors injured in race riot on American aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk
Oct 12 Mariner 9 takes pictures of Martian north pole
Oct 12 MLB American League Championship: Oakland Athletics beat Detroit Tigers, 3 games to 2
Oct 13 Aeroflot Il-62 crashes in large pond outside Moscow, 176 die
Oct 13 Uruguay to Chile plane crashes in Andes Mountains, (passengers eat crash victims to survive, 16 of 45 rescued 2 months later)
Oct 14 Oakland catcher Gene Tenace is first to homer in first 2 World Series at-bats as A’s beat Reds, 3-2 in Game 1 at Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati
Oct 15 61st Davis Cup: USA beats Romania in Bucharest (3-2)
Oct 15 17 year old American tennis prodigy Chris Evert wins inaugural WTA Tour Championship at Boca Raton, Florida; beats Australian Kerry Melville Reid 7-5, 6-4; Evert not eligible for prize money
Oct 16 Rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival break up
Oct 16 2 members of the Official Irish Republican Army are shot dead by the British Army in County Tyrone
Oct 16 A Protestant youth member (15) of the Ulster Defence Association, and a UDA member (26) are run over by British Army vehicles during riots in east Belfast
Oct 17 Bob Randall’s “6 Rooms Riv Vu,” premieres in NYC
Oct 17 Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-a-Lng,” is #1
Oct 19 Ulster Vanguard leader William Craig speaks at a meeting of right-wing Members of Parliament at Westminster: “We are prepared to come out and shoot and kill”
Oct 21 “Dude” closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 16 performances
Oct 21 “Man of La Mancha” closes at Beaumont Theater NYC after 140 performances
Oct 23 Stephen Schwartz’ musical “Pippin”, starring Ben Vereen; Irene Ryan, and Jill Clayburgh, and directed by Bob Fosse, opens at Imperial Theater, NYC; runs for 1944 performances, winning 5 Tony Awards
Oct 23 Access credit cards introduced in Great Britain
Oct 23 Loyalist paramilitaries carry out raid on an Ulster Defence Regiment
Oct 23 “I’m Still in Love with You” 5th studio album by Al Green is released (Billboard Album of the Year 1973)
Oct 24 2 Catholic men are found dead at a farm at Aughinahinch, near Newtownbbutler, County Fermanagh – British soldiers carry out the killings
Oct 25 Nobel Prize in Economics awarded to Kenneth J Arrow & John R Hicks
Oct 26 Edwin Land introduces the first truly instant camera the Polaroid SX-70 camera at an event in Miami, Florida
Oct 26 Guided tours of the former prison at Alcatraz by the National Park Service begin
Oct 26 The last prisoners walk down Broadway as Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary closes
Oct 26 Henry Kissinger declares “Peace is at hand” in Vietnam
Oct 26 Ringo Starr and singer Lulu appear in non-speaking cameos on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” program
Oct 27 Golden Gate National Recreation Area created
Oct 27 OPEC approves plan providing for 25 percent government ownership of all Western oil interests operating within Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia
Oct 28 “Mother Earth” closes at Belasco Theater NYC after 12 performances
Oct 29 Don Cockroft of Cleveland Browns kicks 57-yard field goal
Oct 30 Worst US rail accident in 14 years; 45 die in Chicago, llinois
Oct 31 Gaylord Perry wins AL Cy Young award
Oct 31 2 Catholic children (6 and 4) playing on the street are killed in a Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) car bomb attack on a bar in Ship Street, Belfast
Growing up in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s Halloween, trick or treatin’, costumes, and the days building up to it were magical, blessed times in 00’s life.

October 1972 Album Releases:

1 War Heroes Jimi Hendrix
4 Willie Remembers Rare Earth 
6 Foxtrot Genesis 
8 Music Is My Life Billy Preston 
9 Heavy Cream Cream Compilation
11 Caravanserai Santana 
On the Corner Miles Davis 
14 Crazy Horses The Osmonds 
23 I’m Still in Love with You Al Green 
28 Talking Book Stevie Wonder 
29 My Favorite Songwriter: Porter Wagoner Dolly Parton 
– At Crooked Lake Crazy Horse 
Barnstorm Joe Walsh 
Bustin’ Out Pure Prairie League 
Clear Spot Captain Beefheart 
Expectations Keith Jarrett 
Glen Travis Campbell Glen Campbell 
Got the All-Overs for You Freddie Hart 
Greetings from L.A. Tim Buckley 
Guitar Man Bread
Lady Sings the Blues Diana Ross Soundtrack
The Lady’s Not for Sale Rita Coolidge 
Lion’s Share Savoy Brown
Live Concert at the Forum Barbra Streisand Live
Loggins and Messina Loggins and Messina Angry Eyes
The London Chuck Berry Sessions Chuck Berry 
Made in England Atomic Rooster 
Mom’s Apple Pie Mom’s Apple Pie 
The Moviegoer Scott Walker 
New Blood Blood, Sweat & Tears 
Passin’ Thru James Gang 
Rhymes & Reasons Carole King 
Rock & Roll Music to the World Ten Years After 
Round 2 The Stylistics 
Sniper and Other Love Songs Harry Chapin 
Stealers Wheel Stealers Wheel 
To Whom It May Concern Bee Gees 
Who Came First Pete Townshend 

US Top 20 singles for the week ending September 14th, 1972

Here we see the continued solid rise of the “Soft Rock of the ’70’s” really becoming prominent, no Rock songs on the chart – ‘cept the King at #4.

1 BEN – Michael Jackson (Motown)
2 USE ME – Bill Withers (Sussex)
3 EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL – The Main Ingredient (RCA)
5 GO ALL THE WAY – The Raspberries (Capitol)
6 BABY DON’T GET HOOKED ON ME – Mac Davis (Columbia)
7 MY DING-A-LING – Chuck Berry (Chess)
8 NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN – The Moody Blues (Deram)
9 BACK STABBERS – The O’Jays (Philadelphia International)
10 POPCORN – Hot Butter (Musicor)
11 PLAY ME – Neil Diamond (Uni)
12 GARDEN PARTY – Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band (Decca)
13 YOU WEAR IT WELL – Rod Stewart (Mercury)
14 SPEAK TO THE SKY – Rick Springfield (Capitol)
15 TIGHT ROPE – Leon Russell (Shelter)
16 WHY / LONELY BOY – Donny Osmond (MGM)
17 FREDDIE’S DEAD (Theme From “Superfly”) – Curtis Mayfield (Curtom)
18 GOOD TIME CHARLIE’S GOT THE BLUES – Danny O’Keefe (Signpost)
19 GET ON THE GOOD FOOT (Part 1) – James Brown (Polydor)
20 THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS – Arlo Guthrie (Reprise)

September 1972 Movie Releases:

*00individual grew up with Playboy magazine, back when it was the only form of seeing women nude. It was glorious. But what he also found exciting and fun were the comics like Annie Fanny and ALL of the sexy illustrated comics throughout the mag.

To honor those truly innocent and playful issues filled with artists like: Robert Brown, Jack Cole, Eldon Dedini, Will Elder, Jules Feiffer, Jerry King, Kliban, Harvey Kurtzman, Bobby London, Roy Raymonde, Charles Rodrigues, Alberto Vargas, Shel Silverstein, Gahan Wilson, Rowland B. Wilson, and Dean Yeagle, 00individual features his own lovingly innocent but sexy “comic illustration” of an alluring female to present each month’s 50th anniversary highlights.


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ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA – The Mystery of the Concert That Never Was! 48 Year Old Rock Concert Conspiracy SOLVED!

11-25-1974 – Loyola Marymount University, Westchester, L.A., CA (near LAX)

This is an original post from 2012 of a Rock Concert Conspiracy Cold case that has a very interesting new updated twist:

Here is possibly the strangest concert that 00individual ever attended!

The venue on the Loyola Marymount University campus was an average-sized gymnasium. 00individual couldn’t, and still can’t, locate any confirming date or set list info for this concert.
Then he remembered a very obscure detail; during the concert Jeff Lynne announced that it was drummer Bev Bevan’s birthday; it was actually on the 24th, but they were still celebrating.  Everyone whooped and applauded.  Why is that a relative clue?  00individual went to this concert with his close friend TFS whose birthday was the same day (taking Lynne literally), and that was November 25th, the day of this concert.  So the concert had to be on that date.  And more corroborating facts are that ELO were in California in November of 1974.

Every bit of ELO gig research lists them at Selland Arena, Fresno, CA on the 21st, then at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on the 23rd, then at the TCC Exhibit Hall, Tucson, AZ on the 24th, and then on the Mike Douglas TV show on the 26th and then at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, on the 27th, then on to the Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI, on the 29th!

The day after this Loyola Marymount concert (the 25th) on Nov. 26th, the Mike Douglas Philadelphia, PA television talk show featured comedian Richard Pryor and actor George C. Scott, and ELO performed two hits from their new album, “Eldorado” – so they were in L.A. on the 26th and the 27th.  And through the power of Sherlock F. Holmes’ deductive reasoning that leaves 11-25-74 as the date that 00individual saw ELO perform at Loyola Marymount University just north of LAX.

So, why is there absolutely no record of this concert?

00individual’s conclusion is that it was a perfectly executed conspiracy cover-up by the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican to erase this concert from ever existing!
And here’s why: In a strange sequence of events, in April 2006, 00individual was informed by someone who also attended this concert back in ’74 that Loyola never booked any more rock concerts after this ELO concert. Supposedly some kid fell from a high window when he tried to sneak into the concert and died. 00individual was totally unaware of this.

Since Loyola Marymount University is a Roman Catholic institution steeped in Jesuit traditions it was obviously settled immediately, out of court, and out of the media and press – and covered-up to avoid any taint whatsoever on the University.  And that taint extended to the fact that it never happened! Right down to the ELO concert – didn’t happen.  No trace of a concert, no death.


But was it?

Well, well, lookee here what 00individual just found in a tucked-away stash box in the back of his garage; PROOF!

While there were probably less than a couple thousand Rock fans present, the Powers That Be figured that they had buried this tragedy and made sure of it by scheduling no more rock concerts with bands of this notoriety – little did they know that 00individual was on the case.

So, all ELO concert-data fans can officially ink-in the deliberately-removed date of November 25, 1974 at Loyola Marymount University, CA – CASE SOLVED!


Electric Light Orchestra evolved out of the band The Move and with ELO’s two excellent debut singles, Roll Over Beethoven and Showdown, they took their new “Eldorado” album to an even higher level of Prog Rock.  ELO were the Prog-Beatles; which says a lot!  Jeff Lynne has an uncanny way of emulating Beatles’ vocals within a Rock, not Pop, genre. Eldorado was their springboard to Superstardom.

ELO: Jeff Lynne – lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, cello, producer, songwriter, composer, arranger. Bev Bevan – Drums, percussion, vocals. Richard Tandy – Keyboards, synthesizers, bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals, arranger. Mike Edwards – Cello. Hugh McDowell – cello. Mike de Albuquerque – Bass guitar, backing vocals. Mik Kaminski – synthesizers, keyboards.  Louis Clark – Orchestra arranger, conductor.

Setlist: Tracks from “Eldorado” were featured at this concert and the album went Top 20 on U.S. charts, but more importantly 00individual got to experience a truly great band in their prime – this concert ROCKED and was great FUN!

And it really happened!


PINK FLOYD – 50th Anniversary – Sept. 22,1972 – Hollywood Bowl – “Dark Side Of The Moon” Debut – 00individual Was There!

50th Anniversary Dark Side Of The Moon Debut!
9-22-72 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood (Capacity: 18,000)

Ah yes, the masters; Gilmour, Waters, Wright and Mason!  00’s all-time favorite band!

Consistently innovative, superb hard-rockin’ musicians, composers, instrumentalists, arrangers and lyricists who created music that could literally transport you to other dimensions and yet they looked just like one of us with an admirable rock star image of blue-jeans and t-shirts worn by true sophisticated pioneers and Gods of Psychedelic Space-Rock!

The world got to know and love Pink Floyd’s music in 1973 when “The Dark Side of the Moon” LP went on to become the longest charted album in history; a record 741 weeks on Billboard’s top 100; that’s fifteen years!

Their contribution to rock history previous to this LP was simply incredible, but with DSOTM PF transcended their own plateau of greatness and created another level where they unveiled an emotionally-moving masterpiece, a perfect blend of light and dark, of outward observation as well as inward.
Filled with heavenly choruses and a capella solos, stratospheric guitar excursions, sexy and savage keyboard riffs, lyrics that surely changed lives; (“…ten years have got behind you, no one told you when to run; you missed the starting gun.”) perfect rhythms and the dreamiest, saddest, ecstatic and coolest saxophone passages ever! This music opened PF to millions of instant fans who may have otherwise never made the trip to the Pink Floyd Universe.

On the other hand, 00 had been enjoying PF since their earliest LPs with Syd Barrett back in ’67 and literally played “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”, “A Saucerful Of Secrets”, “Music from the film More”, “Umma-Gumma”, “Atom Heart Mother”, “Relics”, “Obscured By Clouds” (the soundtrack to the French film “La Vallee”) and “Meddle” (along with his world-class collection of bootlegs – Rubber Dubber? Trademark of Quality? Korny Fone? Ah, yes, bootlegs! (see 00’s bootleg LP collection at bottom).
He played these LPs so much that he replaced new copies regularly and had stashed copies of virgin-vinyl imports for special occasions – really.

Dark Side Of The Moon live debut
PF started the concert off with the debut of their new album; “The Dark Side of the Moon”, in its entirety. Immediately the cosmicly-chosen audience were entranced and spellbound by the surround sound of the heartbeat of “Breathe” and the seminal speedway riff of “On the Run”, but “Money” blew everyone away as the sound of huge cash-registers circled the Bowl in quadraphonic sound!  00 remembers giggling in exhilaration of the whacked-out music he was hearing – they weren’t even halfway through before he knew that Rock ‘n’ Roll as everyone knew it (and as they liked it) was again being defined by PINK FLOYD!

Historic!  The chosen were hearing “The Dark Side of the Moon” for the first time – LIVE – and the LP wouldn’t be available for another six months!


00 rarely brought a camera to concerts but since he had great box seats, this time he did and caught a split-second classic Pink Floyd moment in time through his Minolta SRT 101 camera during “Careful with that Axe, Eugene” as the crescendo builds, and just as Waters screams; pink-lit smoke bombs explode and fill the stage! A truly amazing analog shot from that era. 

This outdoors among-the-stars incredible Pink Floyd concert experience had a dream-designed set of songs – seemingly hand-picked by 00 and the rest of the hard-core PF fans that filled the Bowl – absolute gems!

Set 1: “Dark Side of the Moon” – Breathe, On The Run, Time, Breathe Reprise, The Great Gig In The Sky, Money, Us And Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse.
Set 2: One Of These Days, Careful With That Axe, Eugene, Echoes, A Saucerful Of Secrets.
Encore: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.
Lineup: David Gilmour (guitar, vocals), Roger Waters (bass, synthesizer, vocals), Nick Mason (drums), Rick Wright (keyboards, synthesizers).


Hear what 00 experienced 50 years ago:
PINK FLOYD Hollywood Bowl 1972 Complete Concert!

He vowed to see them every time they came to town in the future; and did, for the most part. For while he did miss the “Animals” tour, he had great seats for the rare L.A. performance of “the Wall”!

And he had FRONT ROW CENTER SEATS, that’s right, absolutely no one between him and Pink Floyd, for THREE NIGHTS of five sold out shows at the L.A. Sports Arena on 4/23-25-26/75!!
Here’s how he was gifted with these front row tickets: (scroll down past Alice Cooper)
Excellent bootleg of Pink Floyd – 26th April 1975 (Live at LA) – Definitive Edition
for some extra fun, click on the “Pink Floyd Zone” logo to unlock the cosmic vault of 00’s Rare PF Bootleg Vinyl Collection.

pinkfloyd1Dark Side Of The Moon is released!
On Thursday March 1, 1973, six months after seeing PF at the Bowl debuting DSOTM, 00individual arrived to his work as a record and tape Rack Jobber to see sealed boxes of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon straight from the Capitol Records’ distributor. After pulling orders and adding new releases for all his accounts’ next day deliveries, he snagged a copy of DSOTM for himself.  It’s not always about being the first but for archival purposes, it’s pertinent.

00individual vividly remembers coming home to the quaint little place in Inglewood he shared with his girlfriend, and once inside he turned on his Quadraphonic sound system, expertly sliced open the heat-shrunk cellophane wrap with his trusty thumbnail, and inhaled the newly minted straight from the factory vinyl fragrance that was released to excited olfactory senses. He ceremoniously descended the vinyl onto the turntable, triggered the slo-mo damp on the needle/cartridge arm to touch down, silently . . .
. . . and the symbolic heartbeat sound of life began the birth of an evolved Pink Floyd.
The lyric and sonic righteous, bold, and brilliant on-all-levels journey that Pink Floyd led and achieved made it hard to listen to other far less advanced albums . . . for a while at least.

If you don’t know the rest of the story, listen to the album, if you have, then you do.

ALICE COLTRANE & Thelonius Monk & Herbie Hancock 05-21-1972 Santa Monica Civic – plus – Herbie Hancock Crossings LP

with Thelonius Monk & Herbie Hancock
Live 05-21-1972
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica (Capacity: 3,000)
Herbie Hancock – Crossings – 1972

1972 offered an amazing explosion of new music and “electronica” had spread throughout many genres to the point of being a requirement of sorts for bands that wanted to stay relevant.

00 wasn’t introduced to jazz very much other than through his parent’s playing of Big Bands of the ‘40s and ‘50s which all white-bread homes had in their record collections.  But after experiencing the truly fine examples of Mahavishnu Orchestra’s jazz-fusion, 00 became very open to jazz in general – and the new electrified sounds even more.

Herbie Hancock had just released “Crossings” an album that 00 really liked from first listening; long spacey pieces that sent one on dream-like journeys and was great for a late night soundtrack to heady conversations.

This was the beginning of 00’s appreciation for HH; soon there would be his classic Headhunters-era LPs and then the soundtrack to the iconic genre-igniting Charles Bronson film, “Death Wish”, then right on up to his monster award-winning MTV video and single “Rockit” – a technical and ground-breaking advancement with the use of “scratching” for the first time on a popular release!

From what 00 gathered, this was one of the last few sets that Thelonious Monk performed throughout 1972 – his final “live” LP as a group leader was in 1971 – and other than Lincoln Center (’72) and the Giants of Jazz tour (’75), Monk retired from the jazz scene until his death by a stroke in 1983.
00 was not familiar with his music at the time but marveled at his unique style of piano playing. His set was fairly short, but it was a very cool enjoyable experience.

This brings us to the headliner of the evening; Alice Coltrane and the wonderful music from her new release, “World Galaxy”.  She brought a whole new spirit and feeling to music with her electronic harp, and for 00 this was not jazz-fusion, this was jazz restructured – music with a real cerebral, ethereal, spiritual sense from beyond.

The classic psychedelic album art was appropriately designed by Peter Max, the “Godfather of Psychedelia”, to let it be know in what direction the music would bathe in.
In addition to the electronic harp, Ms. Coltrane also played piano and Wurlitzer organ.

As a devout Vedantic (Upanishads) follower, Ms Coltrane established an Ashram in 1983 in the general area where 00individual has spent the last 30 years.  He never visited but the vibes were strong.

00 and his concert going buddy’s seats were center and to the left.They were so into the music that it took a while before they realized that they were some of the very few white boys in the whole audience.

You must know that even though the peace and love of the counter culture still held ground; after the Watts riots in L.A. in 1965 there was continued and justifiable resentment, to say the least, of the predominantly white Los Angeles Police Department and those racial tensions did not exclude Hippies.  Heck, they were getting it from all angles; parents, teachers, cops, the establishment and now with their Black Brothers – even though their empathy was with them, they were still white and therefore not to be trusted.
00 brings all of this up only to express an important point; everyone was there for the music that night, and “in the presence of music we are all brothers” which shows how music obscures, crosses and connects all lines of race; it’s the universal language!

And that’s one reason why music and marijuana go so well together; they both break down the ego and uplift the spirit! And to quote Clarence Williams III’s character Lincoln Hayes of TV’s Mod Squad, “Solid!”

Lineup: Alice Coltrane – percussion, piano, organ, harp, tamboura, Reggie Workman – bass, Ben Riley – drums, Elayne Jones – timpani, Frank Lowe : saxophone, percussion, Swami Satchidananda – voice, Leroy Jenkins – solo violin

Setlist: My Favorite Things, Galaxy Around Olodumare, Galaxy In Satchidananda, Love Supreme, Galaxy In Turiya.




Herbie Hancock – Crossings – 1972

By 1972 with the build-up of the mid-to-late ’60s, every day advanced to the point that there were daily “happenings” taking place.
These advancements were across the board from thought, concepts, action, technology, social awareness, fashion, film, politics, TV shows, attitudes, and many others, including music.

Standard genres of music were forming combined genres: Country Rock, Soft Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Reggae permutations, Progressive/Classical/Baroque Rock, Folk Rock, and New Age are examples. One such new genre was the rising interest in Jazz-Fusion.

Miles Davis was an early pioneer of Jazz-Fusion with his “Bitches Brew” album, and his former band mate John McLaughlin, founder of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and his 1971 debut album, “The Inner Mounting Flame” took it to intense spiritual heights.

Hancock was also a former member of Miles Davis’ bands, who decided to expand his musical horizons. This album is part of his Headhunter period with the albums: Mwandishi (1971), Crossings (1972), Sextant (1973), Head Hunters (1973).

00individual Presents POPCULTICONS – Original One Of A Kind Pop Culture Figure and Card Art 5

00individual thought it might be fun to create some custom action figures for collectors.

POPCULTICONS, through the awesome auspices of The Polyvinyl Science Institute (PSI), manifest the esoteric allure of PVC into Original Art featuring Icons of Rock, Pop, TV, Film, Sci-Fi, and Horror.

Each one-of-a-kind piece features an original custom figure representation and original background card art presented in classic action figure style.

Don’t vote for Democrats or Republicans – vote for POPCULTICONS!

All of Trip 1,2,3,4 can be seen at the POPCULTICONS website.

POPCULTICONS Trip Five consists of seven pieces:

David Lynch and Eraserhead Baby– 1973
Original Custom One Of A Kind Figure
Not a 3D print, nor a resin cast.
Hand Painted – 3.75″ Tall
Original 6″ x 9″ Card Art on thick quality board.
Clamshell display case
For Display – Not Play.
Figure is glued in a stationary position.

,Pete Townshend V.2  – The Who
Original Custom One Of A Kind Figure
Not a 3D print, nor a resin cast.
Original 6″ x 9″ Card Art on thick quality board.
All-encompassing Display Case.
Hand-Painted 3.75″ 
For Display – Not Play.
Figure is glued in a stationary position.

.Camille Vasquez – Johnny Depp’s Super Lawyer
Original Custom One Of A Kind Figure.
Not a 3D print, nor a resin cast.
Original 6″ x 9″ Card Art on thick quality board.
Hand-Painted – 3.75″ Tall.
For Display – Not Play.
Figure is glued in a stationary position.

Mothman – Cryptid
Original Custom One Of A Kind Figure.
Not a 3D print, nor a resin cast.
Original Custom Unique 3D 6″ x 9″ Card Art on thick quality board.
All-encompassing Display Case.
Hand Sculpts – Hand-Painted – 4.75″ Tall.
For Display – Not Play.
Figure is glued in a stationary position.

Dick Dastardly & Muttley
Rare resin Muttley from a ’90’s Mean Machine Garage Kit.
Unique Original Display Card Art is presented on thick 6″ x 9″ Cardboard.
Hand-painted figure 3.75″ Tall.
Clamshell display case
For Display – Not Play.
Figure is glued in a stationary position.

Kris Jenner – KUWTK – $299.99
Original Custom 3.75″ One Of A Kind Figure.
Not a 3D print, nor a resin cast.
Hand-Sculpt Head – Hand-Painted
Original 6″ x 9″ Card Art on thick quality board.
Clamshell display case.
For Display – Not Play. 
Figure is glued in a stationary position.

Charles Bronson – “Harmonica” – Once Upon A Time In The West – 1968 
Original Custom One Of A Kind Figure
Not a 3D print, nor a resin cast.
Original Custom 6″ x 9″ Card Art on thick quality board.
Hand-painted figure 3.75″ Tall.
Clamshell display case.
For Display – Not Play.
Figure is glued in a stationary position.


For those interested here are the internal links to:


Hendrix – 1983 a Merman – 1968 
Bowie – Aladdin Sane – 1973 
Black Magic Woman – BMW – 1972 
The Mist – Tentacles From Planet X – 2007 
Mick Jagger – Jumpin’ Jack Flash – 1968
The Who – Pete Townshend V1 – early ‘70s 
The Abominable Dr. Phibes – 1971 


Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – 1968
One Million Years B.C. – Raquel Welch – 1967
Altered States – Primordial Mass of Conscious Matter – 1980 
The Keep – Radu Molasar – 2005 
Hunter S. Thompson – H.S.T. – ‘60s and ‘70s 
Buckaroo Banzai – Lord Whorfin (Dr. Emilio Lizardo) – 1984 
The Evil Dead – Ash’s Evil Hand – Original OOAK Sculpt – 1981


Frank Zappa – Classic -1960s-1970s
Jim Morrison – The Doors – 1960s 
LOBO – Where’s the movie? And don’t cast Dwayne “I’m in everything!” Johnson –
  how ’bout Wrestling Superstar Matt Cardona! He’d be perfect!
John Wick – Parabellum – 2019 
Frank the Rabbit – Donnie Darko – 1999
Barbarella – Barbarella – 1969
Silverman – Silver Alien – 1950

Clint Eastwood – High Plains Drifter – 1973
Resident Alien – Harry Vanderspeigle – 2021
Roachmill – 1980s
Michael Jackson – Werecat – Thriller – 1984
Frankenhooker – 1990
Undertaker – WWF BTC – 2000 
Emma Peel and John Steed – The Avengers – 1960s

Trip 6 consisting of 7 pieces will debut end of 2022/1st quarter 2023.
Those POPCULTICONS not sold can be seen with additional photos at 00’s newly-branded

ROCK OAT etsy shop .



For your Custom 3.75″ 1:18 scale action figure(s).
(Backing Card Art can be created for 5″ or 6″ figures also.)

For additional Custom Backing Card Art examples please see:

All Custom Backing Card Art is printed on semi-gloss 100# paper and adhered to sturdy cardboard.
Includes 1:18 scale Clamshell Display Bubble
Minimum $50.00 – based upon final approval by buyer
There is a fee for larger display bubbles

(small glue dots in all four corners of clamshell is advised, but are not included)

Buyer supplies:
exact size of figure and a jpg of same,
any preferred photos, images, logos, text or any other specifics desired,
Or leave it to 00, a creative professional digital designer fiend.



TOP 13 JUNGLE DRUMS & TRIBAL BEATS of the ’60’s and ’70’s!

jungledrums“Jungle Drums” copyright 2016 00individual  TLL

1960’s & 1970′s Album Track Gems

Drums.  Driving beats.  Muscles flex.  Heads nod.  Bodies move.  Primal urges rise.

Let There Be Drums
Sandy Nelson – 1961

Jungle Fever
Righteous “B” side to Telstar!
The Tornados – 1962

The Rolling Stones – 1964

I Want Candy
The Strangeloves – 1965

I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Dr. John, the Night Tripper – 1968

Soul Sacrifice
Santana – 1969

Go Up, Moses
Roberta Flack – 1971

Tokoloshe Man
John Kongos – 1971

When The Levee Breaks
Led Zeppelin – 1971

Obscured By Clouds / When You’re In
Pink Floyd – 1972

Man Of The World
Robin Trower – 1973

The Jungle Line
Joni Mitchell – 1975

Fleetwood Mac – 1979

00 be sweatin’!

and as a bonus obscure, but terrific Santana-esque track:
Titanic – 1971

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 1972 – featuring September

“M*A*S*H Babe” Copyright 2022 00individual TLL *

September 1972

September 1972 marks an extremely fun high-point in 00’s life; he had just turned 21 in February and was in the middle of a solid rockin’ year as manager of World Famous  “Cranes” Palos Verdes Record store.
After an amazing run of fun, 00 left the store that he had made home for a job as a Record and Tape Rack Jobber for an L.A. distributor for the following year.
These were the days when EVERYTHING was new and every day was an adventure – it was the times – not just for 00, but for all of those individuals who contributed to the VIBE!
The early ’70s were unexplored lands, new adventures, new highs, new experiences, and new sounds! 1970 through 1975 was epic and the pinnacle of Classic Rock – 00 was there.

September 1972 Happenings:

The 1972 Munich Summer Olympics dominated the daily news so here is the link for those interested in highlights.

Sep 1 American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer beats Russian champion Boris Spassky 12.5-8.5 in Reykjavik, Iceland; most publicised world title match ever played; Fischer 1st American to win title
Sep 1 Egypt & Libya form federation

Sep 2 Rod Stewart’s 1st #1 hit single in the UK, “You Wear it Well”

Sep 2 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Sep 3 Jerry Grant runs the first official 200mph qualifying lap in Champ Car history, posting a lap of 201.414mph around Ontario Motor Speedway
Sep 3 Atlanta Braves slugger Hank Aaron earns his 6,135th total base to break Stan Musial’s MLB record in an 8-0 home defeat to the Philadelphia Phillies
Sep 4 USSR performs underground nuclear test

Sep 4 John Lennon and Yoko Ono perform three songs (“Imagine”; “Now Or Never”; “Give Peace A Chance”) on Jerry Lewis’ 7th Muscular Dystrophy telethon at the Americana Hotel, NYC

Sep 4 Thieves steal 18 paintings from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in what was at the time the largest art theft in North America
Sep 4 “The Price is Right” – US’s longest running games show debuts on CBS
Sep 5 11 Israeli athletes taken hostage and later killed by Palestinian Black September group at the Munich Olympics
Sep 5 Chemical spill with fog sickens hundreds in Meuse Valley Belgium
Sep 6 Summer Olympics resume in Munich, Germany after massacre of 11 Israeli athletes by Black September Palestinian terrorist organization
Sep 7 American athletes Vincent Matthews & Wayne Collett finish 1-2 in 400m at the Munich Olympics; acted casually on the medal stand, did not face the flag during anthem; banned from the Olympics for life
Sep 9 Terry Anne Meeuwsen (Wisc), 23, crowned 45th Miss America 1973
Sep 9 Connection found between Mammoth Cave Ridge and Flint cave systems in Kentucky, joining 144 miles of passages – making it the world’s longest known cave system (later mapped at 420 miles) 
Sep 10 3 British soldiers are killed in a land mine attack near Dungannon, County Tyrone
Sep 11 BART begins service with a 26-mi (42-km) line from Oakland to Fremont
Sep 12 TV sitcom “Maude”, a spin-off of “All In The Family”, starring Bea Arthur and Bill Macy premieres on CBS

Sep 13 One of the smoothest, heart-rending, soul songs ever – the emotional and down right sexy, “Me and Mrs. Jones” sung by Billy Paul is released

14 “The Waltons” TV program premieres on CBS starring Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, and Will Geer
Sep 14 Jason Miller’s “That Championship Season,” premieres in NYC
Sep 14 West Germany & Poland establish diplomatic relations
Sep 15 A magnitude 4.5 earthquake shakes Northern Illinois.
Sep 15 An SAS domestic flight from Gothenburg to Stockholm was hijacked and flown to Malmö-Bulltofta Airport.
Sep 16 1st TV series about mixed marriage, “Bridget Loves Bernie” premieres
Sep 16 Penny Marshall appears on “The Bob Newhart Show” in “Fly Unfriendly Skies”
Sep 17 BART begins passenger service in San Francisco

Sep 17 TV comedy “M*A*S*H”, adapted from the movie, starring Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Wayne Rogers, and McLean Stevenson debuts on CBS in the US. It becomes a major success winning many awards and the love of viewers for eleven seasons! Its final episode, “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”, was the most-watched television broadcast in American history from 1983 until 2010, and remains both the most-watched finale of any television series and the most-watched episode of a scripted series.

Sep 18 1st black NL umpire is Art Williams for Los Angeles vs San Diego
Sep 19 A parcel bomb sent to Israeli Embassy in London kills one diplomat.

Sep 20 Police find cannabis growing on Paul & Linda McCartney’s farm

Sep 20 Libya acquires a 50 percent interest in two ENI oil concessions
Sep 20 The Social Democratic and Labour Party issues a document entitled “Towards a New Ireland”, proposing that the British and Irish governments should have joint sovereignty over Northern Ireland
Sep 21 Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos declares martial law in the Philippines (not publicly announced until 23rd Sep)
Sep 21 USSR performs underground nuclear test
Sep 23 Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos announces state of emergency and declares martial law
Sep 24 Antique F86 Sabrejet fails to takeoff at air show, kills 22
Sep 24 Jack Tatum, Oakland, returns a fumble 104 yds vs Green Bay (rec)
Sep 24 NY Jet Joe Namath passes for 6 touchdowns vs Baltimore Colts (44-34)
Sep 25 Dutch air force drives away Russian Tupolev-bomber
Sep 26 American Museum of Immigration dedicated

September 1972 Album Releases:

8 All the Young Dudes – Mott the Hoople
9 Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts
13 Close to the Edge – Yes
15 Phoenix – Grand Funk Railroad
Rocky Mountain High – John Denver
25 Vol. 4 – Black Sabbath
26 Live Full House – The J. Geils Band Live
27 Catch Bull at Four – Cat Stevens
29 Glorified Magnified – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
– At Home with Their Greatest Hits – The Partridge Family Compilation
Bandstand – Family
Below the Salt – Steeleye Span
Bright Phoebus – Lal and Mike Waterson
Crazy Horses – The Osmonds
Give It Up – Bonnie Raitt
Hot Butter – Hot Butter
Ladies Love Outlaws – Waylon Jennings
My Time – Boz Scaggs
Nervous on the Road – Brinsley Schwarz
Rolling Thunder – Mickey Hart
Sandy – Sandy Denny
Solomon’s Seal – Pentangle
Squawk – Budgie
Tequila Sunrise – David Clayton-Thomas

US Top 20 singles for the week ending September 23rd, 1972

Here we see the continued solid rise of the “Soft Rock of the ’70’s” really becoming prominent, no Rock songs on the chart.
Except for #10 and #18.

1 BABY DON’T GET HOOKED ON ME – Mac Davis (Columbia)
2 BLACK & WHITE – Three Dog Night (Dunhill)
3 SATURDAY IN THE PARK – Chicago (Columbia)
4 BACK STABBERS – The O’Jays (Philadelphia International)
5 ALONE AGAIN (Naturally) – Gilbert O’Sullivan (MAM)
6 BEN – Michael Jackson (Motown)
7 EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL – The Main Ingredient (RCA)
8 HONKY CAT – Elton John (Uni)
9 GO ALL THE WAY – The Raspberries (Capitol)
10 ROCK AND ROLL (Part 2) – Gary Glitter (Bell)
11 POWER OF LOVE – Joe Simon (Spring)
12 PLAY ME – Neil Diamond (Uni)
13 USE ME – Bill Withers (Sussex)
14 POPCORN – Hot Butter (Musicor)
15 BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY – Daniel Boone (Mercury)
16 RUN TO ME – The Bee Gees (Atco)
17 NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN – The Moody Blues (Deram)
19 SPEAK TO THE SKY – Rick Springfield (Capitol)
20 MY DING-A-LING – Chuck Berry (Chess)

September 1972 Movie Releases:

Rip-OffOctober 1, 1972
Behind the WallOctober 1, 1972
A Man for Hanging Poster
A Man for HangingSeptember 29, 1972
Lash of Lust Poster
Lash of LustSeptember 22, 1972
Ali vs Patterson IISeptember 20, 1972
Pornography in New York Poster
Pornography in New YorkSeptember 20, 1972
November Children Poster
November ChildrenSeptember 20, 1972
FoodSeptember 18, 1972
The Secretary (1972) - IMDb
The SecretarySeptember 13, 1972
Racetrack Poster
RacetrackSeptember 12, 1972
*00individual grew up with Playboy magazine, back when it was the only form of seeing women nude. It was glorious. But what he also found exciting and fun were the comics like Annie Fanny and ALL of the sexy illustrated comics throughout the mag.

To honor those truly innocent and playful issues filled with artists like: Robert Brown, Jack Cole, Eldon Dedini, Will Elder, Jules Feiffer, Jerry King, Kliban, Harvey Kurtzman, Bobby London, Roy Raymonde, Charles Rodrigues, Alberto Vargas, Shel Silverstein, Gahan Wilson, Rowland B. Wilson, and Dean Yeagle, 00individual features his own lovingly innocent but sexy “comic illustration” of an alluring female to present each month’s 50th anniversary highlights.


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00 lands his first comic book cover with the return of the excellent on all levels 1980’s fave; ROACHMILL! 00’s POPCULTICONS custom action figure and card art was chosen as a variant cover of issue #1!


ROACHMILL was a very entertaining psychedelic fun mind-bender comic book series with one of the absolute best anti-heroes in comic book history; a 30th century Dirty Harry with insect attributes – a fly eye and an extra pair of mutant insect arms and hands – which came in “handy” as a New York Licensed Exterminator.

The stories veered wildly between comedy, satire, and serious sci-fi, and the art between cartoony and realistic, sometimes in the same issue.

ROACHMILL cover # 1 available Oct. 2022.

00individual lived comics, (and MAD magazine), from the late ’50s, heavily in the ’60’s, and became a comic book fiend in the ’80s when his son, at the age of six and an avid early-age reader, was at the perfect age to appreciate comics – and the newly-coined “Graphic Novels” – starting with the original Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and the great Batman: The Killing Joke.

Then original TMNT, The Tick, Excaliber, Wolverine, Appleseed, X-Men, Real Ghostbusters, Thundercats, Hellblazer, ROACHMILL, and many other great series that we read alone together.

So, it’s very cool to have achieved this creative goal – and it being of a fave comic/character.



00 made his only “album cover” with the unauthorized, but cool just the same, Japanese bootleg use of a photo he took with his Minolta SRT-101 SLR 35mm camera of Pink Floyd at the Hollywood Bowl on September 22,1972 – the “Dark Side Of The Moon” debut!

This shot was caught right as Waters screams at the climactic high-point of “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”, when huge white smoke bombs simultaneously exploded catching the “pink” lights.

Here’s 00’s original perfectly-timed hand-held photo:


“THE STONED PRIVATE EYE” – Tonight’s screening is the final episode of “The Endless Night Trilogy”; 1979’s episode: “The Endless Night Ends”

This is the final episode of “The Endless Night Trilogy”;
“The Endless Night Ends”
and is a two-part episode – all in one screening!

For those into continuity you may enjoy the two episodes “The Endless Night” 1972 and
The Endless Night Returns” 1973 that lead up to “The Endless Night Ends” 1979.

Tonight’s 1979 Episode: “The Endless Night Ends”
Part One

It was a Friday evening, Millicent Barnes was in her pajamas on Will’s couch watching TV as Will whipped up a couple cups of hot cocoa. 

These two had become a unique couple in many ways. They both shared the ability to “read” people, vibes, and situations, solve mysteries and combat evil, and they appreciated each other. The sex was fantastic. And for the first time they both could be in a relationship where each knew the other could take care of themselves in deadly serious situations. For Will that meant no more threats of a girlfriend’s safety due to vengeful evil, no, if anyone tried that with Millicent they would regret it, if they lived long enough to.

Ever since they met in ‘73 they have maintained their own homes, did their own thing, sometimes worked cases together, and had been on a couple of Godfrey’s missions. They were comfortable together, but both were strong individuals with self-motivating drive, and did what they had to do, above all else.

They were watching a rerun of last season’s “The Girl From V.E.N.U.S.”, but as they watched the episode, Millicent noticed something familiar and says: “Will, this new spy guy she teams up with sure looks a lot like . . . Wow, check out this fight scene . . .”

Just then the phone rang, Will thought: “Saved by the bell.”
He got up to answer the phone on his desk.

Millicent kept watching the TV and the sexy spy that looked a lot like Will.

Will, serious, on the phone: “Sure, we’ll be right over.”
Will to Millicent: “We gotta suit up, that was Godfrey, it‘s urgent.”

They took Will’s GTO out to the oil fields, parked, and entered an old gas station, walked down a hall to a door marked Janitor, opened the door and walked into an elevator.

Down a level, the door opened and Will and Millicent walked the corridor to the conference room where Godfrey Workman was waiting.

Godfrey: “Thank you both for coming, please, be seated.”

Will and Millicent sat down at the table.

Godfrey: “As you see the others were not requested to be here. I wanted, needed, to speak to you both about an issue that has arisen, where only two are needed, you two.”

Godfrey went on to explain the urgency of the meeting; he had acquired information that tomorrow night at the San Diego Comic-Con there was to be an attempt on the life of one of the actors from the TV series “SuperHumans” all of the main cast would be there.

Will was puzzled, and rarely questioned Godfrey: “I won’t ask how you got this info, but I would like to know why the police aren’t in on this?”
Godfrey, for the first time looking more burdened than usual, as this man put the weight of the world on his shoulders: “One of the actors is my son.”
Millicent: “You don’t want the police involved, you just want the bad guy caught.”
Godfrey lifts his head, looks at them both: “Yes.”

Godfrey was a hard man to read, Millicent agreed, they had past discussions on Godfrey Workman, invisible billionaire, but far from the Howard Hughes notoriety, Godfrey was like a myth, a proven myth, he was a man, alive, and doing business, but other than that, nothing.
Will and Millicent always felt privileged and honored to assist him in his off the grid do-good deeds. Plus he always paid well.

By the late ‘70s the San Diego Comic-Con had become a fairly big deal, enough so that many artists, writers, actors, and celebrities showed up to promote their movie, TV show, or themselves. Also, the crowds grew from the early ‘70’s of one hundred to three hundred fans, to possibly two or three thousand fans.

Tomorrow night, would be the Masquerade, where fans dressed up like their favorite characters.
Godfrey had shown them photos of his son, however he didn’t have enough time to determine a motive or whom the target was; only that it was going to happen if not stopped. Therefore, the whole cast were in danger. 

Still, this was doable, Will and Mill, as they playfully sometimes called themselves, felt confident they could focus in on anyone at this Con who emanated a bad vibe as it would be obvious – to them.

Saturday night came and as they split up and moved among the crowd, all of the vibes Will picked up on were of benign excitement, nothing negative. He crossed paths with Millicent several times and got the “nothing” gesture from her. They had hoped to identify and isolate whoever had evil in their heart, but so far, nothing.

They met up at the “SuperHumans” Question  and Answer panel ahead of schedule, there was no one in the room of twenty rows of seats, nor behind the dais – maybe the person wasn’t there yet. So they took seats in the back row, Will was at one end, Millicent at the other. They would scan the fans as they entered to sit down.

As the time approached and fans filed in, neither of them picked up any bad vibes and were beginning to get concerned, surely anyone with premeditated murder on their mind would be felt instantly by either of them.

Then came time for the cast to enter, greet, and answer questions. As they filed in and sat down a couple of them wore their costumes; the actor who played a humanoid wore a belt and holster with a space gun, another actor’s signature was a Samurai sword, and a third held the silver orb that gave him his superpowers.

The crowd loved it and applauded immediately.

Will and Mill both thought and felt the same thing at the same time; there was negativity coming from someone on the dais but from their distance they could not tell exactly, only that the room’s vibe became less enjoyable when the cast entered the room,

They knew that time was of the essence, so they both got up, and walked to the front row to sit down. The closer they got the stronger the negative vibe was, but still couldn’t be pin-pointed.

Millicent, who approached things a little more straight-forward than Will, raised her hand for a question: “Any of the cast can answer this question; who among you plays the character who secretly wants to kill another member of the cast?”

The cast, the emcee, and the fans were puzzled, but Will and Mill clearly saw the one that became nervous.

Will got up and began to approach the dais, then stopped as the actor with the orb stood up and told everyone to freeze, and that he had a bomb, and raised the silver orb up in his hand.

Will stopped, looked at Millicent; it was then that each sensed the others’ next move, it was Will’s turn to build on the exposure.

Will, halfway between the front row and the dais, used mind-deflecting psychology directed to OrbMan.
Will: “So, is that the new model Z-15, or the old Z-10?”

OrbMan, in a state, tries to grasp the odd question: “Wha . . ?”‘

Timing is of the essence, for when a person, good or bad, is moved off their prime directive, for just a moment, there exists an advantage, a possibility of action, and that was second-nature to Millicent.

Millicent, in a sexy come on manner: “Hey OrbMan, check out these orbs!”
OrbMan turns his head from Will to Millicent.
Millicent pops open her shirt, rips her bra open and lets loose a luscious pair of orbs that were the last thing OrbMan saw before being taken down and out by Will.

Tonight’s 1979 Episode: “The Endless Night Ends”
Part Two

Will and Mill decided to take the generous bonuses that Godfrey Workman gave them and take a very well-deserved vacation.

When you are a dedicated person who enjoys their job, and even further, have an obligation to honor your respective gifts, it is hard to “relax” as it seems as though precious time is being wasted where progress is lost due to “taking a vacation”.

They both secretly wanted to experience a time in life where there were no demands, even on oneself – just for a little bit. Because of that they both decided to make it something meaningful, but local, no European trip or plane flights or anything that needed too much preparation.

So, they packed up essentials got in Will’s GTO and took off up the coast with the Pacific Ocean on the left and land on the right.

In the years that they had been together there was always the knowledge that they could never really “be” together like a normal couple; so moments of hot cocoa and watching a TV show from the couch were very special; things other couples did regularly were treasured and appreciated moments for them.

It was a long, but relaxing and beautiful drive up the coast through Big Sur National Forest and then to their destination, Carmel-By-The-Sea. The five and a half hour drive was only punctuated by stops for lunch, gas, restrooms, and picturesque wooded shrines along the way.

Once in Carmel they inquired about weekend rentals from a local realtor, they rented a small beach house just outside of town, drove there, unpacked, then returned to town for a romantic meal at Clint Eastwood’s “Hogs Breath Inn”.

After dinner and back at the beach house they sat outside and watched the sun set; for Will this was a near nightly pleasure from his elevated office/home view in Venice, but a somewhat rarity for Millicent who lived in the city. 

As the sun was absorbed by the ocean horizon, they huddled and cuddled until the chill descended enough to take refuge in their cozy rental.

It had been a long day and the relaxation was new to them so they decided to burn off any lasting energy they had left with slow, sexy, romantic love-making. The sound of the undulating waves gently rolled as they rocked.

Will woke up at about two AM, thirsty from the hot sensuous sex, he got up and got a glass of water. As he took a gulp he looked out the window to see the moon reflected on the ocean waves. 

He felt good, he was enjoying this “freedom from life”. But his innate curiosity still bubbled under his relaxed facade. He was getting a mysterious vibe. He set his glass down and went to the window; all was still except the rolling waves caressing the white sandy beach.
Will dwelled a moment on the mysterious vibe, but could not focus on its origin or intent. 

Ever since the experimental drugs he was injected with by the mad scientist Marks, he had retained sporadic benefits; benefits that came and went, sometimes subtle and sometimes mind-boggling, even for Will.

He wondered whether this was yet another whiff of the “trip’s” benefits. Was he evolving?
At least he wasn’t devolving, which was still a possibility.

He was awoken from his thoughts to see what looked like someone out by the water’s edge.
A closer look revealed that the person held something, then set it down in the surf that swirled around them.

He watched as the item washed out with the tide and the person turned, walked back up the beach towards the road and out of his view.
There were other beach houses, and it was just another person, like himself, that was up for their own reasons.

Even though he couldn’t shake this new elusive vibe, he was tired, and sleep won out.

He crawled back into bed and snuggled-up next to Millicent, who was still asleep, but aware enough to return the gesture by pressing her body up next to his in a loving spoonful.

The next morning after a rare sleep-in, morning showers, and a cup of coffee, they chose to go into town for breakfast. As they were getting ready, Will turned on the TV to catch the weather and local news. The day’s temperature would be in the mid-’70s, and as Will was about to turn off the TV in preparation to leave, the newscaster repeated a previous news flash for the area.

And as if some form of deja vu, Will knew what the Newscaster was going to say as he heard it in his mind with the Newscaster as the echo. 

Newscaster: “This is an important news update for Carmel, Carmel Valley and surrounding areas. There has been a murder and the police are asking everyone to be vigil as the suspect has not been found and may still be in the area.”

Millicent, upon hearing the news, comes from out of the bathroom: “Great, just great.”
Will turns to her: “You know, I got up last night, I was thirsty, and I got this weird mysterious vibe that I couldn’t place. And then while watching the waves, someone walked out into the shallow surf and dropped something in the water and then left.”

Millicent looks at him: “And?”

Will: “Nothing, it was strange but not so strange that I investigated.”
Millicent: “Show me where the person was.”

As they walked out on the beach towards the spot where Will saw the person, there were a couple of seagulls pecking at a large head of lettuce. As they got closer the gulls took off and they saw that it wasn’t a head of lettuce, it was a head, a human head.

Will: “This is what the person dropped into the surf, but the tide brought it back in.”
Millicent: “This is gross, let me go get my camera, oh, and I’ll call the police.”

Will picked up a large piece of driftwood and placed it as a barrier for the head in case the surf rose.

Will was confused, normally bad vibes, like the kind killers emit, should have alerted him last night, but it was as though he was blocked by the mysterious vibe. He didn’t like this development and tried to figure out if he was losing his abilities, or was it something else?

Millicent came running back with her camera: “I called the police they’ll be right over.”

She took a couple photos.
Millicent, with a quirky smile: “I don’t believe this, we can’t even go twenty-four hours without” – she pauses, then points at the head – “this.”
Will, smiling, sensing the absurdity: “You know, sometimes I wonder if it’s us, you and me, what if because of our energy we attract evil.”

This concept is not lost on Millicent, she too has felt that when you operate on a certain level those of the same level interact whether good or bad, like attracts like, only in their cases it was an attraction of the opposite levels of good and bad. 

Apparently, it didn’t matter where they were and this trip proved it – trouble in the form of evil will find them in any town or city.

Will to Mill: “The mysterious vibe was probably a combination of the leftover Ayahuasca’s penchant for precognition and the mad scientist’s drug that mutated into a form of “the knowing”, a warning signal of an evil occurrence as it was happening.”
Millicent nods in agreement: “I guess that’s been a possible factor all along, but now . . “

Just then the police pulled up and parked on the road, then walked the deep white sand over to the wet sand of the scene.

Will told them of their morning discovery, that he was a P.I. from L.A. on vacation, and that was all, then excused himself and he and Millicent went back to the beach house.

Will: “The cops disclosed to me that the headless body was found late last night by a friend of the victim at his house in town.”
Will, stops and is in deep thought.
Will: “There must have been a reason the perp disposed of the head here. It was too random; it was meaningful.”
Millicent, with a fake sigh, but secretly intrigued: “Well, vacation’s over, it looks like Will and Mill are on the case.”
Will smiled: “You’re the best!”
Millicent: “Where do we start?”
Will: “Let’s  see if we can follow any tracks leaving the surf before the cops do.”

They leave and walk the beach above the crime scene into the deeper sand. There were definite footsteps that led up between beach houses and to the road, then stopped.

Millicent: “Dead end, took off in a car, could be anywhere by now.”
Will: “Yeah, but the person last night didn’t look concerned, didn’t look around to see if anyone was watching or saw them. And the person walked solemnly.”
Millicent: “The person? Male or female?”
Will: “I’m not sure, even with the moonlight it looked like a person wearing a hooded sweater.”
Will pauses: “But there was also a shroud or a long coat – this was at a distance, at night, and I was barely awake, and other than the mysterious vibe that’s all I remember, a person.”
Willicent: “What about the walk, was it more male or female?”
Will: “Good point, seemed tall, leaned forward, the gait could’ve been male or female, there were no obvious . . . “

Will stops, gets up, walks into the bedroom, goes through his bag, searches through a smaller bag of drugs, pulls out a vial, unplugs it, lets a little trickle under his tongue, lets it slowly dissolve into his system, plugs the vial, returns it to the bag, and rejoins Millicent.

Will: “This should be easy, yet my memory, as good as it is, needs (Will goes into a brief bit of Boris Karloff inspired imitation) “to get a jolt from my electrodes – they did the mash, they did the Monster Mash.”

Millicent loved this trait of Will’s, to bring song lyrics into everyday speech, she acted as though she just tolerated it, but actually loved it, and him.

Will’s “monster mash trails off to: “I took a dose of a proprietary blend that, you know, tends to hone the memory.
Millicent, looking to get real: “Psychedelics.”
Will: “Well, yeah, but personalized.”
Millicent: “Fine, when does the show start?”

Will, coming on strong, walks to the window to mentally recreate the middle of last night.
As he stared out of the window he saw what looked like someone out by the water’s edge.
A closer look revealed that the person held something, then set it down in the surf that swirled around them. He watched as the item washed out with the tide and the person turned, walked back up the beach towards the road and out of his view.

But there was a moment that he focused on; as the person turned to leave, their face was revealed for a second, but that was enough, Will was excellent with facial recognition, bone structure, and elements that traditionally distinguish males from females. That, coupled with the fact that as he played it over again in his mind he also saw that although the person was tall, unless a runway model, the person was a man.

Will relates all of this to Millicent and adds: “I could’a done it on my own, but, we were in kind of a hurry, so . . “
Millicent: “You cheated.”
Will ignoring her put down, but loving it, and her, is busted, but smiles innocently.

Back in his “part of town” the police acknowledged Will as a closer of many cases, and tended to accept his “unlawful” methods, but anywhere else it was best to not involve the police unless and until it was necessary, as they ask too many unanswerable questions.

Millicent: “If this was done in a solemn manner, then maybe we’re not looking for a crazed killer but a grieving . . killer.”
Will: “The head, that’s a pretty gruesome ordeal . . .
Will takes a psychedelic spike from Millicent’s set-up: “What if that wasn’t the killer? What if he was, I don’t know, a caretaker?”
Millicent gets cold chills: “I think you’re onto something, that just struck me as a confirmation.”

Will and Mill’s initial attraction was like attracts like, she read people and vibes and so did Will, that alone was a strong attraction, and then there was the sex.

Will: “We need to get to the murder site.”
Millicent: “I’ve got that covered, while you were talking to one of the cops, I overheard another repeat the address a couple times on their hand held radios.”
Will smiles wide: “You’re the . . “
Millicent having fun, cuts him off, and pushes him along: “Let’s go.”

They pull over and park down the street from the now black and yellow striped Do Not Enter police tape surrounding the house.

Millicent: “Alright, let’s scan the place, gather clues, and regroup back at the GTO ASAP.”
Will loved it when she talked ex-military.

They split up, and since this was an “active site” there were police on guard. Will took the back Millicent the front. She ducked into the bushes of the house next door, dipped under the tape, jumped the fence and was in. Will was in the backyard of the next door neighbor trying to move across the yard with a very friendly and playful German Shepherd that was body-blocking and jumping on him slowing down his progress. Will gave in and with the homeowners apparently at work, Will stopped and played with Trusty, which was the name on his nametag. After a few rounds of really fun play Will had to do the sad, end the play, but Trusty seemed to understand. 

Will hopped the fence and went in the back, By the time he got in Millicent had already “cleared” the first floor of the two story house but as the murder took place upstairs, they both moved up the stairs with caution. 

They didn’t even need to say anything to each other; they could each sense the heavy, thick vibe of dread.

They walked down the hallway to the bedroom where the body was found, walked in, looked around, when the sound of metal and wood came from the hallway.

Millicent and Will saw that the sound was from an attic staircase that had been lowered.
They kept their positions as they saw a tall, dark figure emerge from the attic. It was the man Will saw last night, the man with the head.

But Will and Millicent felt no evil, no threat as the man walked between them to the window and jumped out.

They both ran to the window and looked out to see the man dead on the ground below, only then did that arise the police guards.

They knew what they had to do and that was to get the Hell outta there.
They jumped the back fence into Trusty’s yard, Will played with him as they crossed the yard, then down along the side, then told him he was a good boy and jumped up and over the wall to the street and the GTO.

Both gathering their breath.
Millicent: “That was something up there, I couldn’t move!”
Will: “Me too! What was that?”
Millicent: “He just walked on by and I felt I should do something because I knew what was going to happen, but I couldn’t move.”
Will: “Same here.”

They were both silent on the way back to the beach house.

Will backed in, parked, and they went inside.

Will, excited, breaks the silence: “How about this? We just experienced a karmic force that overrode our physical ability.”
Millicent, excited: “We’ve tapped into some strange shit, but this was karma in action, oh, and you know what that means, that means that it was his exact time to go. Will I think we somehow experienced a moment in uncharted territory.”
She pauses: “I don’t know whether to feel honored or abused.”
Will shakes his head with a cosmic chuckle: “I don’t think we’ll ever know the details of what really happened.”
He pauses, looks at Millicent.
Will: “But this trip with you has made me wonder about the future.”
Millicent coyly reading him: “What do you mean?”
Will: “I mean why don’t we go forward together, doing what we do, more than less (he pauses) way more.”
Millicent, seductively: “And by way more, just what do you mean?”
Will, realizing she’s in control of the whole thing: “Millicent Barnes, will you marry me?”
Through the sexiest, most beautiful eyes Will had ever seen, Millicent looked at him, smiled and said: “Yes!” 


Copyright 2019 00individual  TLL
Part One written spontaneously over a few hours during Sept 18 – 19, 2019 Part Two a few hours during Sept 20 – 25, 2019 with only The Stoned Private Eye, the 1970s, Endless Night Ends, and a Noir Vibe as inspiration.


After viewing tonight’s episode, “The Endless Night Ends”, and while only four episodes into the third season,
The Stoned Private Eye has been given an option for a fourth 13 episode season entitled;

“The Stoned Private Eye – The 1980s”.
Stay Stoned.

The STONED PRIVATE EYE – “Movies In Your Mind” Tonight’s screening, “Evil Doctors and Mad Scientists” is the 3rd episode within the “The Endless Night” Trilogy that sets up the final episode “The Endless Night Ends”, which screens next week. Stay Stoned.


The 1960’s were a historic era of cultural and political upheaval worldwide, and Los Angeles along with San Francisco were at the west coast epicenters. The 1970s amped the Vibe; from the grit of L.A, and glitz of Hollywood, to the sunny beach-lined communities north and south of the Los Angeles International Airport.

There was a thriving evolution of new ways to live, to expand one’s mind, and new ways to do business. And one of the rising big businesses was within the Drug Culture. The times were ripe for anyone to grab the reins and take hold of whatever they could. All ideas, trends, and concepts if not new, were brought forward from the past to be celebrated. With these near daily new enterprises and concepts came great ideas implemented for the good and some for the bad.

William Trent, a young private investigator, maintains his office and living space above the garages of an adjacent apartment building in the “Ghost Town” area of Venice, California. The rickety, but sturdy stairs to Will’s office were open for anyone who needed his services.

Will was experienced in both deductive reasoning and altered states of consciousness. He had taken nearly every drug, hallucinogen, and psychotropic known, and used those experience’s benefits to become successful enough to hold down his own one man investigation business.

There was much to be said for certain stoners’ abilities to use their clouded stoned appearance to actually gain detailed insight on those who momentarily let their guard down due to thinking that they were dealing with just another stoned Hippie.

“Evil Doctors and Mad Scientists” Copyright 00individual 2020

“Movies In Your Mind Month” continues with tonight’s 1977 episode:
“Evil Doctors And Mad Scientists” a pertinent episode within “The Endless Night Trilogy”.

For those interested in what led up to tonight’s episode
watch the 1972 episode ‘The Endless Night” and the 1973 “The Endless Night Returns”
in your mind.

Will was taking a brief rest from a successful but physically-demanding closed case that he partnered-up on with Millicent Barnes The two had become close after their meeting with the mysterious Godfrey Workman.

After a brief rest, he got an early evening call from an old high school acquaintance. “Odd Bob” was an outsider – odd to everyone but Will, as Will saw what was underneath. Bob knew of Will’s reputation as the Stoned Private Eye.

Will was suspicious of a random call from Bob: “What’s up?”
Bob, in a confidant manner: “There are some people who want to see you.”
Will: “Some people?”
Bob: “Yes, three to be exact.”
Will, still tired but always interested in a new case: “Look, Bob, if these are possible clients, fine, if not, I’m gonna have to decline a social visit.”
Bob: “No, its a case, I think.”

Will agreed to meet at Bob’s workplace after hours. Despite Bob’s lack of social graces he was able to work himself up to manager of The Aboveground Library, an eclectic bookstore off Melrose Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Will parked in the alley behind the store and knocked on the back door, Bob opened the door and let Will in. They walked to the back of the store where readings and book signings were held, and there in the dimly lit room were three people, a man, a woman, and a boy, their son, or so Will assumed.

Will looked to Bob and whispered: “What do they want?
Bob motions Will toward them and introduces them as the Johnson family, Fred, Louse, and little Oliver.
Will smiles, shakes hands, and suddenly he gets a vibe from them, an unsettling vibe, something strange was happening to him, he felt woozy and had to sit down, and when he did it was like he was in a different place, he knew he wasn’t, he knew he was in the bookstore, but something changed.

Bob, concerned, but relieved: “Will? You all right?”
Will: “Who are they?”
Bob, excited: “Good, so you felt it too?”
Will, looking at the Johnson Family who were smiling at him: “What is this?”
Bob: “They came into the store today and were reading books all day and when I approached them to ask if I could be of assistance I got this weird vibe, but then things got clear and they introduced themselves.”
Will still looking at the smiling Johnson Family.
Bob: “They pulled one of your business cards from the store’s community billboard and asked if I would call you.”
Will, very puzzled: “What do they want?”
Bob: “Go ask them.”
Will turned and walked over to the family: “Do you . . “
and just then Will had an empathetic episode; a deep sharing of one’s feelings – these people were in danger, possibly deadly danger.

Bob, from off to the side: “They need your help.”
Will looked to him then back to the family.

Just then there was a noise, a car door shut, it came from the front.

Bob at the window: “Will, it’s a guy, with a gun!”
Will instinctively moved the Family and Bob out the back and into his car.

As they drove down the alley, in his side mirror Will saw the man come around the back of the bookstore into the alley.

Will looked over to Bob riding shotgun, then tilted the rear view mirror to see the Family in his backseat, then as he tilted the mirror back he caught his own image. For a brief moment he saw not the P.I., not the psychedelic stoner, but the real Will. He tilted the mirror back on the Family who sat quiet and smiling, then positioned the mirror back to view the rear traffic and continued the short drive up and over to Laurel Canyon to his friend Mike’s rural place.

They weren’t followed, but just in case Will parked down the street a couple houses to be safe.
Will knocked on Mike’s front door, Mike answered and Will told him the situation, Mike was cool as Will knew he would be, and Will returned with the Family and Bob.

Mike was introduced to the Family, and Bob, whom he casually knew from high school.
Mike to Will: “So, what have you got yourself into now?”
Will: “I don’t know really, just this family is in danger and they somehow chose me, to, a, …” Will trails off as he remembers: “Can they stay in your bunker? Just for tonight, and maybe tomorrow?”
Mike: “I don’t know, that’s my secret place, we don’t even know these people, but they can stay in the guest room.”
Will: “That’d be great, I just need to get some specifics from them.”
Mike: “In the meantime I’ll order a couple pizzas.”
Will: “Thanks, Man.”

Will sits down with the Family:.
Will to Fred Johnson: “Mr. Johnson what do you want me to do?”
Fred: “I know things.”
Will: “What things?”
Fred: “Things that you know.”
Will, surprised at the answer, focuses: “Fred I need to know specifics. Why are people after you?”
Louise steps in for Fred: “Mr. Trent, my husband and son were involved with what were called clinical trials at the University of California Los Angeles that were really experiments, they used them as lab rats.”

Will looks to Fred and Oliver – they both smile at him.

Will: “So what happened, why are you in danger?”
Louise: “Their experiments involved strange drugs, drugs that, well, they both took and it changed them.”

Will again looks to Fred and Oliver and smiles – they smile back.

Will, with too many questions: “Did they pay you, and who are they
Louise: “Fred saw an opportunity for some extra money that involved a father and son, so he applied. We all thought that it would be about relationships and such, but then drugs were administered to “focus” their thoughts.”
Will: And?”
Louise: “Their thoughts are focused all right, and I know you experienced it.”
Will got a bit woozy just recalling the incident.
Louise continues: “They knew that the bookstore had a way to contact you.”

Will was not surprised by any of this, he knew through the underground and his conspiracy intelligentsia friends and associates that there was always talk of the next wonder drug that could do wonders. Telepathy, mind-reading, all of the fringe science and paranormal concepts and theories were being tested, experimented, and possibly implemented by professionally licensed and unlicensed “people” every single day in labs and back rooms of universities, medical facilities, governments, and private entrepreneurs’ “research” buildings. The Johnson Family were proof.

What the Johnson’s were experiencing was an elevation of perception that only people like Will, and to a much lesser extent, Bob, could recognize; like attracts like.

Will: “Alright, no more need to explain, what can I do for you, or better yet, what do you expect me to do?”
Will again looks to the smiling Fred and Oliver.
Will, before Louise can answer: “Have they always been so, happy?”
Louise: “That’s just one part of what the drugs have done.”
Will asks Fred: “Do you know why people are after you?”
Fred: “We know too much, saw too much, and remember too much. They found out that we were anomalies, we weren’t supposed to react this way, and they want us back for tests.”

Will stopped and thought; if Fred and Oliver were anomalies, then what was the initial intent?
And before asking what Fred wanted him to do, he knew, and Will’s heart sank, this is a family who will be on the run until they are caught and there will be no one to stop it from happening. And then all three will disappear into a wing of a mental hospital for “observation”.

Will, to himself, but in a loud whisper: “SHIT!”

Just then Bob came into the guest room with a couple pizzas and drinks.
Will, with a raised voice to Mike in the kitchen: “Thanks, Mike!”

As they all ate, Will’s mind reeled with the possibilities to help them move on without fear.
He needed to know who was behind this. It was Bob’s day off so he stayed with the Family at Mike’s.
Fred gave Will the names of Dr. Lipscomb, and a scientist named Marks, Fred never heard or saw Marks’ first name.

Will took off to UCLA.

The UCLA campus was a hip place in the ‘60s and the ‘70s. Sitting above Westwood Village and framed by the 405 freeway on the west, Wilshire Boulevard on the south, and Sunset Boulevard on the north, made it convenient access to freeways and major boulevard arteries.
Plus Westwood Village was a happening place with restaurants, shops, Tower Records, and several landmark theaters where many classic movies like Easy Rider and The Exorcist premiered. There were always dorm parties, and since the surrounding apartments were nearly all rented by students, there were parties every night on campus and off. Will had been to a few, but they lost their appeal when at eighteen, the party was at his place, a beach pad he rented with two friends.

Will knew his way around the UCLA campus through friends who went there. Since there would be no directory for mad doctors or evil scientists, he figured Dr. Lipscomb could be part of a department that would have less interest and thus less attention paid to it. And that would be the sexy subject of digging around in the dirt; Archeology. Bingo! Dr. Lipscomb. Few would enroll in that department’s classes. And how convenient that it was a building in an isolated far corner of the campus nestled among semi-neglected vegetation.

Under the cover of darkness Will approached the building and tested the closed and locked front doors. As he walked around the building he saw a small ground-level window emit a glow, he kneeled down but couldn’t see as the window was dirty, from the inside and out, but he could see some shadowy movement. He got back up from kneeling and moved to the back of the building and just as he was about to turn the corner he heard voices and stopped.

A hospital stepvan was parked with its back doors open and two men were getting instructions by a third man in a lab coat who was at the building’s back door as to where to put what looked like two drugged people. The men literally carried the two over their shoulders and into the building.

Well, Will had seen enough, there was nasty business going on and these two captives might as well have been Fred and Oliver.
The long route would be to get the authorities on this, but Will needed to know the true nature of what was going on for himself; better to be loaded with incriminating evidence than to wait for the police to move on it, or after it’s too late.

Will waited until the two men went inside and stealthily slipped in behind them.

Just then a hallway door opened and light shone across the floor and onto the wall revealing the shadow silhouette of a man in a lab coat giving orders to the two men. The men left with the bodies over their shoulders and turned down a hall. Will hung back, and the shadowed silhouette of the man in the lab coat disappeared when the door shut behind him.

Will crept down the hall to the door and listened, there were two men talking, it was difficult to hear clearly as the thick wood door muffled their voices, but he heard one thing and it was about the Johnson Family, then it all went black.

Will awoke tied to a chair guarded by a muscular hospital intern.

The Man in the Lab Coat approached Will then mockingly to the Intern: “This is indeed a fortunate surprise, do you know who this is?”
The Intern barely nods his head, “No.”
The Man in the Lab Coat: “This is the perfect subject for further human testing, William Trent.”
Will: “And you must be the mad scientist Marks, where’s the evil Dr. Lipscomb?”
Marks: “Oh, he had to leave, he had an appointment.”
Will: “That’s too bad, I wanted to get a good look at him, you know, to identify in the line up.”
Marks just smiles: “You know, our advancements, once perfected, will be worth millions, but it’s just not there yet, almost, but it still needs a few kinks ironed out.”
Will, as he uses dynamic tension to ever so lightly loosen his bonds: “So what’s the plan, shoot me up with drugs; to do what?”
Marks: “Oh, we’ll see soon enough, as we already “shot you up” while you were out.”

Will knew drugs, he knew the different degrees of the come on, he could anticipate the ingestion of a psychedelic and feel the effects merely from the psychological imprint of what was to come.
But the feelings he was beginning to have surpassed those now seemingly trite experiences. There before him was a vast landscape filled with knowledge, if he had to describe it he couldn’t it was beyond a hallucination it was awe inspiring.
But no matter how high Will got he had his Psychedelic Buddy there with him to keep him focused and to remind him that it was just the drug.

Will’s focus allowed him to imagine his bonds and which way to untie, all the while everywhere he looked there was an overlay of knowledge, he could get lost in it if he didn’t stay focused. He was tempted by what laid before him, he wanted to absorb this knowledge but he also needed to get free.

Marks to Will: “You ever see that 1968 movie, “Charly?”
Will had, and he knew what the mad scientist was getting at – and he didn’t like it.
Will: “Yes, Cliff Robertson got a Best Actor Oscar for that role.”
Marks: “Ah, so I take it you’re familiar with the movie’s premise, of taking a retarded man and through science raise his IQ to genius levels.”

Will was beginning to lose it, he couldn’t let on any of what he was going through; his mind was being split in too many directions, it was getting harder to focus. He was losing grasp of his objective, to get free.

Marks notices Will going through changes and gets inquisitive: “William Trent, what do you know, what do you see, tell me.”

Will was at the top of the roller coaster at the edge of a waterfall at the rim of the world, he was about to go over into an unending sea of knowledge, and at that moment he had absorbed enough knowledge to know once over the edge he’d never come back.

And just then way off in the distance a friendly but demanding voice could be heard.
It was like a rumble, huge coming from another state away. And as the sound became clearer, words began to form coming with a massive rumbling like a mountain range on wheels coming closer and closer, faster and faster, until the full volume and clarity of the sound formed words, words miles high, words that said, “FOCUS! IT’S JUST THE DRUG!”
It was his Psychedelic Buddy coming through via his higher self.

Will immediately left the edge and focused. He moved his wrists in a way that would have made Houdini proud, and then, untied behind his back, he waited for the right moment.

Marks repeated his question: “What do you know, what do you see, tell me.”
Will, in a low whispering voice: “I see the future.”
Marks, excited: “The future? How far in the future?’
Will, still in a low whispering voice: “Soon.”
Marks, getting frustrated: “How soon?”
Will, in a normal tone: “In years? Probably twenty-five to life.”
At that moment the evil scientist realized that it was all over as Will stood up and knocked him out with one precise knowledge-packed upper-cut to the jaw.

Will gathered his wits and searched the rooms down the hall for the other victims. He found the two still drugged-out on examining tables and was about to call the police using the phone back in the “questioning” room, when he heard two men talking and coming down the hall, it was the hospital interns back for some more moonlighting opportunities.

Will had to think fast and he did, the drug, whatever it was, entered a new phase, whereby Will’s normal detective abilities were heightened, sped up. Once the men saw Marks unconscious they would quickly search the place. Will had to prevent that.

Will saw what he needed right on the wall next to him, he walked out into the hallway in full view of the Interns: “Excuse me, but I’m trying to enroll into the classes held by Dr. Lipscomb, Can you direct me to his office?”
The one Intern recognized him as the “stoner guy”.
Intern to the other Intern: “Get him.”
They both ran toward Will.
Will just stood there, waiting, with his hands behind his back.
And when they were close enough Will whipped a fire extinguisher around and blasted them both full face, and kept it on them until they were blinded by the foam. Then he swung the fire extinguisher canister upside the head of one Intern and then with a three hundred sixty degree back swing allowed the extinguisher to do the same to the upside of the other’s head.
They didn’t see it coming, and that was fine with Will as he saw them both crumble to the floor.

Now it was time to call the police.

On his way back to Mike’s he was still feeling the effects of the strange drug, or drugs, but they were waning. Still he wondered if once the drugs potency was expired would it bring him back to his normal level of intelligence? Or if the “Charly” aspects of the drug were true, would he digress into a less than normal state?

Or there was a third possibility; he may retain some of what he saw, absorbed, and understood.

Only time would tell.


Copyright 2019 00individual TLL
Written spontaneously over a few hours during July 10 – 12, 2019 with only The Stoned Private Eye, the 1970s, a telephone call, and a Noir Vibe as inspiration.


“Movies In Your Mind Month” ends with the final episode of the Trilogy: