1. I was at the “Mansion”, but not at the time of the eviction. Also for The Trip, Dreams of Glass, JImi Hendrix (I loaned him my amp to jam with) and Jimi had asked me to get a couple of cases of beer for everyone, which I did at the corner store. Lots of memories from that place. I’d like to hear from you. We could swap a lot of stories.

    • Paul,
      The Mansion was a bit out of my area of Playa Del Rey and the LAX area of Westchester, so my experiences were limited; just drive-bys after or before Shrine and Olympic concerts and then the Eviction Party.
      But it sounds like you were really in the right place at the right time! You had the real Jimi Hendrix Experience of talkin’ and hangin’ with the Man! Whew!
      I had some close encounters and talked with Zappa over a couple cups of juice at Pepperland, but Hendrix? Well, I guess you can’t be everywhere at once.
      We only knew it as the San Souci Mansion (on Ardmore) but not of the other incarnations.
      I just slammed two more posts. The Real Social Network within the Steve Miller Band post should bring back fond memories!

      • I was quite young, but I lived 6 blocks from there, so from the age of 13 to 16 I spent a lot of time there and knew all of the illustrious people there and all of the strangeness, drama, etc. How old were you at the time?

        • I was 19 in 1970 when the Eviction Party took place; so I was still in high school – Westchester – right next to LAX.
          There were a ton of concerts that I missed at the Rose Palace (Pasadena?), the Shrine, Olympic (downtown LA), the Whiskey, London Fog, Bido Lido (Hollywood), the Cheetah (Venice?), and many other clubs as that was ’65/’66 and I had no wheels and no money. Once I got a car and a motorcycle I could “make the scene” but by then the bands that could be seen in these more intimate venues were now playing the Forum, Anaheim, Swing Auditorium, etc. Had I been born even a year or two earlier I would have had an incredibly rich and complete background. As it is/was I still found that I was in the right place, L.A., and the right time so I really can’t complain – only when I see the rosters for the Shrine and the Olympic and the Whiskey from those days do I feel a little pain. You weren’t that far from the Shrine and the Olympic – EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE played there and multiple times too – just got in on the tail-end of those concerts when they were Happening! They had no age limit – did you see any/many concerts there?

          • I went to a lot of the concerts around the LA area. I often went to the Shrine, as it was all age and it was cheap. I got to see Procol Harum, Jeff Beck, Zep, Hendrix, The Band, and tons more. When I went to see Country Joe and the Fish, they weren’t going on, so a Canadian fisherman who lived at the Temple, Ole Rystaad, went back stage to talk to Joe and find out what was going on. It turned out his bass player got busted for drugs that afternoon, and he was stuck. Ole told him I knew all of his material (which I did), and Joe asked me to play. I was just getting ready to do the concert (I think I was 15 at the time) when Phil Lesh showed up to cover. Naturally, I deferred to Phil. I ran into Joe at a Viet Nam vets meeting a few years ago (I’m not a Vet, but he was speaking and I happened to be there by dumb luck) and reminded him of the scene, which he oddly remembered.

            I also went to eh Whisky (also no age limit) saw such illustrious groups as Mountain (Leslie West with Felix Pappalardi) Savoy Brown, Three Dog Night – who seemed to be really high on coke – and Jim Morrison showed up completely drunk, and obnoxious insisting to sing. He writhed around a bit until he finally left.

            Once in a while I went to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium to see groups like Spirit, and Love. Arthur Lee, ah he was another story.

            Then there was the Hullabaloo. I had hooked up with Pacific Gas and Electric Blues Band, and while I didn’t play with them, I hung around. Played a gig with them at a Peace and Freedom Party gig at a bandshell with the Chambers Brothers. I was playing with Euclid Avenue Express on that occasion. Phil Ochs also sang.

            Zappa. Only met him once at his house. Went with Doug Czinki – another one of the Temple’s (Mansion’s) denizens – he was interested in doing a project with Don Preston who was playing with Zappa at the time. We knocked on the kitchen door and Mrs. Zappa answered and pointed us to go down the stairs, through the bowling alley and to a practice room. We met Zappa at the bottom of the stairs. He knew Doug, and Doug introduced me. Zappa looked coldly at me as if to say, “Why the hell would I care to meet you?” I later has a conversation with Jamie Glaser (Bryan Adams, Jean-Luc Pont) about the incident and I described Zappa as a snob. Jamie had played with Zappa for a while. He reluctantly concurred. One treads lightly when they work so much in the industry.

            When I was 12 I was in a local garage band that somehow managed to get underwritten by Fender at the LA Teen Fair at the Hollywood Palladium. So not only did we get in for free, get to use some fantastic equipment, and see some fantastic shows, but we got to hang out with the big boys: we went on right after the Beach Boys, got to hang out with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Velvet Underground and Nico, and a host of other musical royalty who were just budding.

            I have a lot of stories about those times, the Mansion, and LA that I could share. Crazy times.

            • Well, what can I say, you’ve been around, like forever! Caught a couple of your videos – you’re still at it – since you were 15?! the Core! Way to hang! Unless I missed it you should archive your life – that’s what I’m mainly doing – using the music and concerts of the time to archive the lifestyle and the way it was! We passed thru an incredible time in culture and music history and I don’t think enough could ever be written about those times. You’ve had real experiences with the greats and that needs to be etched in stone.
              I really liked the pre-Spencer era Fleetwood Mac and the Spencer-era- Bare Trees and Kiln House – great for you to be a part of Spencer’s music.
              If you have archived stories send me the link – if not, get this stuff down! People all over the world would be interested. Please, share!

              • Finally… I must.
                I have been procrastinating for years. I have a hard time writing. I’m much better at conversation. So maybe I could write as if I were having a conversation with someone.

                Thanks for writing what you have. I think I finally got the inspiration, and see how I can finally write, thanks to your good example.

                • I sincerely hope you do – and a “conversational” style could be very cool! I’ve found the (WordPress) blog format very satisfying as opposed to other avenues – it is a perfect way to archive, it’s free and with the right tag words (key words) people from all over the world will find you.
                  One last thought; it seems that for the most part your experiences were good; I always wondered if that saying, that “it’s better not to meet your heroes, because most times you’ll be disappointed” was true. Fortunately, (unfortunately) I never had too many “close encounters” to find out. We humans tend to “inflate” those we admire with positive traits – until they personalize them with negativity. I’ve been an artist my whole life and you can’t be thin-skinned, especially in L.A./Hollywood and I’m sure you’ve experienced that as a musician. So any of those real feelings such as the Jimi or Country Joe (and literally all the rest) experiences expanded within the time and vibe that they took place would be very interesting and a rare peek into what most of us never got to experience. I’ve found that there is a world-wide legion of kids and young adults that literally yearn to have lived when we did and love to hear details that only people like you (and I) can provide. Heck, I enjoyed hearing the snippets you related and I lived it too! And I would like to read more! We’re not getting any younger – but then again, “he not busy being born, is busy dying” – I’m reborn everyday! Stay in touch – I look forward to any and all you have to relate.

  2. you might remember me…i am aron pieman kay..i used to help green power give out the4 free food at griffith park…i was working w/cleo at the time…i did attend the bash atr 1039 south ardmore ave…i was serving the food at the gig…i wonder whatever happened to rudy zamora who lived there..cjheck out my facebook page on the love-ins (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Griffith-Park-Love-Ins-those-were-the-daze-my-friends/135692193170319?ref=ts&fref=ts)
    visit me via pieman420@gmail.com; http://www.pieman.org; or http://facebook.com/pieman.org
    aron pieman kay
    green power lives on

    • Good work, Man! Green Power was a positive force and contributor of, for and to the people.
      I did go to several of the Griffith Park Be-Ins/Love-Ins, met a lot of people, I’m sure you were one. Good times!
      Peace Brother!

      • i have a question for you…did you go to the facebook site? you might recognize me from those daze…i would always ride with cleo in the green power car….i would pitch for donations over the pa…i was the mc at the 1971 easter battle of elysian park….in fact i am interested in talking to you about those daze,,,,feel free to call me @ 347-962-5024,,,,btw have you any pix or flyers? btw i reinvented myself as the mad yippie pie thrower

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  4. I was at the San Souci final day celebration! I remember we were swinging on the chandelier under the Dome!. I was on the roof outside, too, looking down through the dome glass. I walked around , smoked pot, drank, and discovered rooms here and there, cubby-holes…..my memory is very foggy…..I stayed all night, slept -over until morning sun came , in one of the rooms with a girl…..there were hippies, bikers, stoners, freaks and it was fun and wild and wacky…….in the morning when I left there were loads of bikes around the place, and saw no cops! one of the strangest free and freaky events I was at! it was all casual and natural , sexy, nutz, cosmic, and just right!

    • Looking back on that eviction party it was a sure sign of the end of an era, but we were still enjoying it!
      We took adversity and turned it into a celebration – a spirit that is sadly lacking with the generations that followed.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, it’s much appreciated!
      Peace, Brother.

  5. it was the beginning of the end of an era that went from 1965-70….the ultimate end came with a crash during the 1971 easter love-in at elysian park which was attacked by the lapd thanks to a repressive climate inflicted on us by the nixonoids

    • I attended several of the Elysian Park Love-Ins, but not on that day!
      People like to blame Altamont and Manson for the end of the ’60’s peace and love environment but really it was when a Brother let another crash at is pad and woke to find he had been ripped-off – THAT was the domino effect of distrust that ended the ’60s. One bad apple does spoil the bunch.

      • we have all undergone being ripped off but i never wavered in my keeping the faith….i helped green power run a free store/crash pad in venice in 1970-71..we went thru it but we had to be on top of things to maintain damage control…like i don’t flash money or debit cards to those who don’t need to know….therefore at age 63 i am still an unrepentant hippie-yippie flower child

        • I agree, I wasn’t speaking personally, I was speaking generally. However, it did contribute to sour the trust and true feelings of those precious times to be taken advantage of by a select few opportunists. It chipped away at the pure love and trust that prevailed. Once bitten, twice shy.

  6. The San Souci final party is one of the most rockinfreakin I experienced, other than Vortex 1 Biodegradable Festival in Oregon 1970! Both events were peacefull and virtually cop-free. I hitch-hiked a lot in those days……all over California/Oregon, not afraid to adventure into the woods, at night, on a quiet road, in the middle of Stoned at the corner of Cosmic and Wow. I met very artistic, creative, nice people, wild, searching souls, visionaries, hippie/beatnik outsider clowns and freaks (like me), and wise teachers on the road, as well as tricksters, sick and twisted ones, and goofy, troubled souls, but I had never felt threatened with physical harm . Maybe it was my own youthful free and freaky state-of-mind, or immaturity …..too many memories for now to share, later, Gators!

    • we all have similar memories to share of those daze…did you know vortex was the forerunner of the rainbow gatherings? well we have been everywhere on this planet….i still recall hitching to the sf bay area and gloing to festivals such as newport 69 and the one in santa clara in may 1969…hey we gots lots to share….its a history that can’t be obliterated

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  10. Interesting tidbits from days gone by. I lived at The Temple for awhile, was there the night Hendrix played. The last I saw of anyone from there was in Ramona where Roland and Richard were living after life at The Temple…Not long before Roland died….

    • those were the daze!!! i was one of the green power people feeding the freex and organizing the griffith park love-ins……i miss life at the temple which had its last hurrah on february 7, 1970
      san souci temple lives

      • that last day was the wildest freakiest party ever! i won’t forget swing on the chandelier….and sleeping overnight after the bash quieted down, in one of the many rooms.

    • @Sherry. Thanks for your input. When did Roland die? I last saw him in 1971 in San Diego. I looked up all of the characters from that era on the WWW, and found – nothing. You must have known the other characters, too. I stayed up all night with Seymour, the Outlaw. Someone had slipped him some acid, and he just could not handle it. He rolled up in a ball on the couch in Charlie’s room (the Hollywood grip), and everyone tried to comfort him. If anyone got close, either a fist or a foot would fly out at them. They eventually gave up, even his best friend, Fumbles. I had an idea how to help him, so I got Richard’s guitar and started singing him all the songs I could think of that had some kind of good message and vibe. He calmed down. I Started Playing about 10 pm and ended when the sun came up. He gave me a big hug and told me I had saved his life. Just seemed like the right thing to do. We all did things like that for each other.

      Oh, by the way, I saw the new documentary on Hendrix and there are some great shots of the Temple, and even a shot of the amp I loaned him.

      I’d like to know whatever happened to some of the folks that were there. Anybody know?

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