14 comments on “Marijuana / Cannabis – Today versus Yesterday – The Lost Ritual of Social Bonding

  1. Really great read. Helped me remember just how big of an impact cannabis has Had. You know, one of the things I’ve always found most interesting about my experiences with weed, and I’ve been smoking semi regularly now for about 10 years (since high school), is that the “ritual aspect” is slow to register. My friends and I taught ourselves the ritual, growing up in affluent, heavily white suburbs. Most of our parents were of non-counterculture roots. Ordinary, put simply. And I just still cannot believe How Many people are too afraid or have no interest in exploring their more spiritual side with this amazing plant. I can’t help but feel like they are missing something really important. At the very least, I know “I” M missing something really important when I don’t smoke it for a while. It provides me insight into my relationships and knowledge that I would not have otherwise. Not a chance.

    • Thank you, as always.
      And unfortunately we’re moving closer to that lack of connection every day.
      And it isn’t because of the Chinese Wuhan Virus – that will just be a blip in history in the near future as there’s more “fun” to come.

  2. I think I found my tribe when I found weed too. It suits like booze never did. However, I’m concerned about the growing mycohericide trade and the white fibres distributed throughout British bud. Some sort of plastic, nylon micro fiber which burns lighter than air, it floats, and leaves a black smudge when caught. Research tells me they are targeting ‘undesirable’ crops. I spend too much time pulling the feckers out! I loved this piece. Trip down memory lane. Youngsters here still get together to share a puff. Its illegal so maybe there is something in that. I’d like for it to be decriminalized here in Britain. Stop the judgement!

    • Sorry to hear of the bad scene with the microfibers. Cannabis needs to be decriminalized – everywhere. However, I see that as it is still being a criminalized it does harken back to the days here in the U.S. when cannabis was illegal and therefore contributed to the “taboo mystique” – sharing at that time made it a bit more exciting – bein’ outlaws ‘n’ stuff.

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