5 comments on “1970′s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . BEAVER AND KRAUSE – GANDHARVA – 1971 Ambient, New Age, and Electronic Jazz Originators!

  1. Having listened again (thanks to your post) I must say I enjoyed it more than some previous spins. Like early Jade Warrior (with whom they share some similarities), this is truly eclectic music. Once that is accepted, it is indeed a varied cinematic trip. Thanks for inspiring a play.

    • Thanks for your posts and for being a true dedicated Tribe member – your regular attendance is sincerely appreciated.
      Gandharva, eclectic, good term, the LP was a standout and hit the right spot in an advanced sort of way – it was alluring.

      • Top point: my pleasure.
        Bottom point: I do love the way some obscure album just lands for us at a chronological point in our lives and stays a beloved favourite forever. Really enjoy those stories.

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