7 comments on “. . . . . . “MAKE THE SIXTIES GREAT AGAIN” . . . . . . . . . . See Into The Future! Experience The Past! . . . . In 2017 00individual Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of 1967: the Height of Pop, Rock & Psychedelia! Monterey Pop! The Summer of Love! Groovy!

    • Yes, well it is 50 years later and altho it was a sin to “sell out” to the Man back then, no one wanted to, but now corporate sponsorship is a way of getting business done, so yeah, probably. Sigh.
      Maybe Starbucks and Facebook?

  1. Good on ya, man. I’d been thinking of doing something similar – perhaps even starting a separate blog – but will probably just feature a few of the many wonderful albums of that pivotal year.

    • I’m sure we won’t be the only ones – unfortunately, I see the marketing to encompass everything from Summer of Love cereal to Summer of Love car sales, so we need to counter with some reality.
      It’ll be fun!

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