4 comments on “Top 13 “ACID TRIP TRIGGER” Album Track Gems

  1. For me, tripping was a spiritual journey that was immensely joyful and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything! It was so comforting to know that the music and art was an outgrowth of those experiences. The great artists of the 1960’s were having the same experiences as we were. How wonderful it was to know that! They expressed their experiences through art and shared it with us. Bliss was never so common and it unified us.

    Only during those “heady” days would someone write a song about the simple pleasures of a Tuesday Afternoon and the magic that can be revealed by tripping. The trees are calling me near, I’ve got to find out why. Indeed!

    I couldn’t wait to take my first trip and when I did, it took me home. I was comfortable, awestruck and ecstatic that life was revealing itself to be so wondrous. How we all felt when the doors of perception were opened was like entering a life that previously existed only in our imagination. My first experience was everything and more than I imagined. Stevie Winwood expressed it perfectly in the Traffic song, Coloured Rain.

    Coloured Rain – Traffic

    Yesterday I was a young boy
    Searching for my way
    Not knowing what I wanted
    Living life from day to day
    ‘Till you came along
    There was nothing but an empty space and a pain

    Feels like Coloured Rain
    Tastes like Coloured Rain

    Bring on Coloured Rain

    I can see a sail of changing
    Filling with surprise
    United with a feeling
    Bringing love into my eyes
    Till you came along
    there was nothing but an empty space and a pain

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