2 comments on “1970′s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . PSYCHEDELIC ELECTRONIC CHRISTMAS . . . TOMITA – Snowflakes Are Dancing – April 12, 1974

    • As always thank you for taking the time to read these sometimes lengthy posts.

      I was blessed within the record store biz to have access to experience countless albums that even as a fanatic, I would never have known about – Tomita is one.
      “Snowflakes” never gets old, never – only richer and more enjoyable.

      Back in the Supernatural days, as you well know, all we had to do was ‘be there” and magickal things would happen daily. We were spontaneous and open to new adventures – and the times would abide.

      I feel for kids and young adults today who will never know the joy of entertaining themselves within this present clamp-down, oppressive, celebrity-driven society where their only true friend is a hand-held device.
      No one will ever again be able to experience the joy of human interaction and innocence of youth as we did.
      Even as Druggies we were innocent “youngsters” enjoying the further evolution of fun.
      Sigh, again.

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