7 comments on “1960′s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . PINK FLOYD – UMMAGUMMA – November 10, 1969 1960’s and 1970’s Culture Archives . . . . . . . . . . . “Pershing Drive On Acid” – Winter 1969

  1. Well that lifted my spirits! It’s so fortunate to have had that lifestyle. A great recollection, thanks so much for sharing it! Ah yes, it all comes back, the smells, tastes, the rushes of energy from the cosmic generator. The excitement of lift-off, the wondrous journey, the oceanic experience, all life, matter and energy, connected, intertwined and absorbed. The pod bay doors have opened and as we step into the mystic, the journey’s begins!

    • You know, in retro-reflection, all things; friends, concerts, albums, drugs and the Spirit of the times contributed to a fantastic era, but “the rushes of energy” drove all of it, and not just because we were young – the energy was in the air.
      It is so difficult to convey the feelings and the way of life back then unless experienced – we existed in another land – we were very blessed.

      • It’s like the old saying, for those who know, no answer is necessary. For those who don’t know…well, good luck getting someone who wasn’t there to understand what it’s like when the barriers to the dreamscape fall away. How special it was for us that the real meaning of love and friendship was experienced. The effect of our experiences was that we literally radiated inner joy. Look at someone the day after they experienced a great trip and the real meaning of afterglow becomes apparent. It can even be noticed in photographs of people who have experienced “gently swaying through the fairyland of love”!* We shared as if it were a virtue and we were constantly thrilled at how frequently synchronicity was interwoven throughout our lives. We created our own culture and for that brief moment in time we were golden. *Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues

        Lovely to see you again my friend…
        Walk along with me to the next bend
        Tell us what you’ve seen
        In faraway forgotten lands
        When empires have turned back to sand
        (Lovely To See You – Moody Blues)

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