One comment on “1960’s and 1970’s Culture Archives . . . . . . . . . . . . The ORIGINAL BANDS vs The TRIBUTE BANDS . . . The Case of the Appropriation of Classic and Iconic Rock Bands’ Music AND Visual identity.

  1. Heritage gives culture its value, revisionists are diluting our culture by perverting its history. Revisionists are claiming that America was founded as a Christian nation, that Regan was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union, that the Civil War was not about slavery and that the 60’s counterculture is responsible for the rise of Nixon, the country’s eventual shift to the right, 80’s greed and that it was the cause of today’s widespread abuse of drugs.

    The counterculture represented less than .10% of the population of the U.S. and was less than 1% of the 76 million Baby Boomers. The counterculture itself was influential but not enough to cause a sea change in finance, politics and personal habits. Uninformed voters, the media, corporatism, institutional corruption, special interest influences and corrupt politicians shoulder the blame for most of the country’s ills.

    As with the millions of straight people who lived during the 60’s and who did not understand what was happening within the counterculture, most people today have no idea how sacred the music of that era was and what the contemporary influences were which enabled the artists to create it.

    Without the without the original people setting precedents, major accomplishments would never happen. Before the four minute mile was run, it was a barrier that many runners tried and failed to break. After Roger Bannister ran the four minute mile in 1954 it became common for runners to do it. When Jimi Hendrix came on the scene he was startlingly original and nobody at that time could play like him. Today there are 13 year old girls who can emulate his style of playing and do it note for note! To ignore how special it is when a talented person, who was uniquely capable of seeing what nobody else at the time could see, is to ignore the essence of what makes our species so unique.

    Despite their accomplishments, great people never fail to pay homage to their influences. Great societies of the past respected their elders and their innovators as the source of greatness in their culture. Because some people are too arrogant and lazy to investigate the things which gave rise to the advances in all areas of life, we are fast becoming a society that is devoid of culture. It’s easy to copy something once the blueprint has been established but without the original, the copy wouldn’t exist. Can someone improve on an original, yes, especially through the advances in technology. But I’d choose the original, warts and all, over any digitized clone!

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