3 comments on “1960′s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . THE ANIMALS . . . the BEST of The ANIMALS . . . . the BEST of ERIC BURDON and the ANIMALS Vol. II WINDS OF CHANGE – THE TWAIN SHALL MEET

  1. An excellent choice my friend; the Animals were a truly great group. Singled out from all other groups of the sixties, their albums could tell you most of what you know about the zeitgeist of those times. There were others who spoke clearly about our journey but Eric Burdon’s songs fearlessly and without reservation, expressed his proud embrace of the counterculture. Eric’s music was a good trip! A tough guy, willing to physically fight for love, life and friendship, Eric wasn’t afraid to display his softer side. You knew that when he said I love you, he meant it. He courageously exposed his soul and never failed to eloquently express the mature, sincere and capable aspects of life within our movement. Reading the cover of Winds of Change will make you cry; not just because of the beautiful and heartfelt sentiment that Eric expressed but because it now reminds us of how much we have lost to those winds of change.

    • Sincere thanks as always. Included your comment in the post. The Animals put a spell on me beyond the Brit Invasion Pop Music – of which I was already spellbound!

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