4 comments on “THANKS TO ROCKERS WORLD-WIDE! . . . . . . . . 00individual’s Site Attendance Surpasses 100,000! Equal to Monterey Pop’s Peak Attendance! Groovy!

  1. We’re never again going to be as free and happy as we were back then. That may seem a bit sad but it proves how special that time was and how important it is to re-collect and document our memories; they will remain long after we are gone!

    • If it were not for my sincerity, much of what I try to convey seems trite, yet I find no other way to explain it other than it was a joyous time – maybe we were the last generation to have a full childhood and teen age years and a nicely-timed emergence into adulthood. Basically, that natural process only added to that magical era.
      Kids today are robbed of their childhood and the innocence of early teens, now that’s sad.
      Here’s the thing, every era had their fun to whatever extent, but we know that we were the fortunate ones to live in a whole new world of fun – on many levels.

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