4 comments on “1960s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . . Top 23 Historic & Classic 1960’s Rock Albums

    • Thanks!
      In looking back Sgt. Pepper was a much-needed inevitable event that we were all ready for so it was greeted with tremendous perfect-timing enthusiasm. Its influence was like a trip as it broke through a certain social level of music appreciation as this was unlike any Beatles, or any other album prior.
      Over time and with the advancements and the creative genre-morphing of excellent music I see Sgt.’s as a highly enjoyable time stamp and memory trigger for that era.
      As you so astutely stated about LOVE’s You Set The Scene as their A Day in the Life, I was continually seeking other band’s ADITL.
      Is “Their A Day In The Life” claimed by you as a series or post topic?
      If not, I’ll arm-wrestle you for it! It has great potential!

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