2 comments on “1960’s and 1970’s Culture Archives . . . . . . . . . . . . . The BEATLES vs The STONES! . . . POP vs ROCK!

  1. Very well said my friend. I can remember one night while tripping on some particularly good purple barrel acid, that a friend brought back from Cali, I put my ear next to a speaker while listening to the Stones’ No Expectations; the guitar (Brian Jones, I think) with the sound of the slide gliding across the strings was a mind blower. With the exception of Their Satanic Majesties Request, I always thought the Beatles music was more conducive to the psychedelic experience. The Stones music was more visceral, physical and sexual than the Beatles, who’s music provided a more intellectual and spiritually transcendent experience. Frame of mind had a lot to do with which one I chose to listen to but I loved them both. Peace!

  2. Agreed – and to emphasize the psychedelic aspects of The Beatles canon I refer to 00individual’s Top 13 Historic & Classic 1960s Psychedelic Songs’ #1 entry over Hendrix, Floyd, etc: with “the Angelic Psychedelia of the Cowsills”!
    True psychedelic music has a euphoric sound which can be feedback and sitars but more exquisitely with the harmonizing of rare voices like the Beach Boys, Beatles and Cowsills. Uplifting vocals like theirs’ actually transcend sound to connect to heart, mind and senses beyond – which, like you said makes Pop more psychedelic than Rock – a good subject for a future post!.
    Thanks for the True Psychedelic Trip Tale and revealing comment!

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