5 comments on “1970′s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . DAVID BOWIE . . ALADDIN SANE . . April 13, 1973

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  2. As you might recall from the photo of my garage, I have a collection of Fillmore posters. I have an extra poster (BG 105*) that I’d like to give to you. Tell me how.

  3. Really! For real!? Man, that’s so cool – I already have a place for it on the wall that I face while postin’ and digitizin’!
    I’m thrilled, thanks Brother, what a great turn-on.
    I somehow feel we may have exchanged emails in the past – altho the comments have worked – anyway, so as to keep my brand clean and identity somewhat publicly obscured, email me at 00individual@gmail.com and I’ll send my address and if you’ve got Paypal I can send for whatever Priority/insured needed, if not LMK.

    You triggered a pretty cool synchronicity with this righteous Rick Griffin classic poster –
    . . . I’m Mr. Mojo.

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