2 comments on “69,000 Righteous Rockers, Music Fiends and Counter Culture Kids have visited this site . . . Celebrate with 00individual’s All Time Top 13 Posts! & Top 13 Albums of ’69!

  1. Congratulations brother; that’s a following to be proud of! Thank you for your insight, energy and dedication in providing an accurate account of the most creative, colorful, exciting, revolutionary and meaningful time in history! The recollections of your personal journey has become a touchstone to the spirit of a time when wonder was everywhere. As we age, the urging of Paul Simon become increasingly poignant and important: “preserve your memories; they’re all that’s left you”. Peace

  2. Thanks Man, your comments and kindred spirit are very, very much appreciated!

    I know that you have noticed some repetition within descriptions in these posts; they’re there for those who may only catch a post or two, the dedicated will hopefully understand this tactic.
    The same goes for the term, “magical” – whew, is there any other word for those times that captures the all-around essence that we encountered with even the simplest of things?

    My wish is that, as unlikely as it seems, that there will be another time in the future where circumstances will create an environment where what we experienced can be experienced by another generation. People can certainly adapt or change their lifestyle to reflect the goodness of those days right now but unfortunately only in like communities as the vibe we experienced was so special for us because the era was exceptional, we were legion and magic was afoot!

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