4 comments on “1960′s and 1970′s Album Track Gems . . . . . . . . . . . MOODY ROCK “Greatest Hits” Concept Album

  1. I don’t know that I know a single person today that knows Albatross…let alone anyone who loves it enough to listen to it for an hour 🙂
    (Let alone anyone who knows who Fleetwood Mac used to be…)
    Thank you so much; wonderful post.

    • Yes, Albatross was an elusive single even for us Peter Green-era Mac fans.
      My own connection is with Santo and Johhny’s “Sleepwalk” which apparently inspired Albatross.
      You have excellent taste, my friend!
      Thanks for following!

      • Ooh.. for a moment (day) I didn’t know who you were taking about, and then ::shivers and goosebumps:: I listened to it. Oh. Yeah…
        I bet a lot of people do that when they hear that song…
        Sleepwalk…It’s transcendent, which is what I always thought about Albatross. ‘Cepting now I feel a little ignorant 😉 I did have this info lurking somewhere, disconnected and floating in the back of my head. Misplaced…

        A while back I had some very very young record buff/guitarheads in my shop, bursting with requests/names I don’t hear the very young drop. And some I didn’t know. Pretty good taste. At the time I had a fixation for a favorite video of Albatross (1970 UK TV performance) and I couldn’t stop telling everyone who would talk to me to watch it. LOL. Finally! My evil plan could be carried out….my plan to infect someone else with the fixation so at least I could talk about it to someone without getting the 1,000 yard stare from people that know me. Every. Time. Hurray for every very young person carrying a smartphone; instant infection! It was awesome. At least if I do nothing else worthwhile, I’ve ruined a perfectly good young guitarhead for ever being able to blissfully remain unaware of Peter Green and the original Mac. My work was done. (That month)
        They didn’t escape without me forcing the 1969 UK TV performance of Oh Well upon them either. “Watch it again!” ~Me. Heehee. I made sure they were clear, and that they were also freaked out by Danny Kirwan. I grin like a Madwoman the whole time and laugh.
        My Other People; not sure what to make of their Crazy Blond Older Chick hunched over small electronic device with Barely Teenage Guitarheads in corner, giggling with Glee.
        I know…I’m a freak. NOT the expert you are, there’s just shit I LIKE 🙂

        This post alone will have me haunting here, though I’m trying to branch out… thank you again for such fun.

  2. Pearl,
    I like your style – it’s the young spirit that we never surrendered that allows us to interplay with just about any group, but the kids are a kick and I’m jammin’ at a start-up with a group of 25 year olds -keeps me younger every day.
    So, I share in our positions as Obi Wans to Young Skywalkers.
    I’m no expert, just kept my eyes and ears open and logged some memorable moments – for a couple decades.
    Peter Green’s “Oh, Well” pt.2 and Danny Kirwan’s “My Dream” are both hypnotic Albatross Sleepwalkers.
    I’m somehow still stuck in Moody gear with my next post . . .

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