3 comments on “1960′s & 1970′s Album Track Gems . . . . . . . . RICHARD HARRIS . . “MacArthur Park” . . 1968 . . . Epic Psychedelic Cantata

  1. I liked this song also. Even though it didn’t quite fit in with most freaks’ FM radio/college radio/personal vinyl choices but for me, it was always enjoyable when the song came on AM radio. Maybe it’s a bit maudlin* and maybe its a guilty pleasure but I always feel good when I hear the opening notes of this song (same with Aquarius by the 5th Dimension) and the instrumental break is phenomenal! We created the soundtrack to our lives with our choices of vinyl and FM/underground stations that we listened to but AM radio fare was ubiquitous and there’s no escaping that it too was part of that soundtrack.

    *for those of us who were moved by this song: maybe we had a sensitive side and maybe that was what led us, for a while, down a path to the land of nod.

  2. The part that always amazed me was that we were so open back then ,and a song that resonated with us individually or collectively did not have to be explained. True, while not all songs were the preferred background/foreground for all, there were many that were as moving and enjoyable.
    I don’t think there were “guilty pleasures” back then, it was ALL pleasurable. And that is what is missing today, variety and sincerity – can’t do a thing about, don’t try, it only continues to lift and focus on the glory of the ’60’s and ’70’s history, quality and diversity of the musical wonder that we were blessed to experience at the freest times in our lives. Sigh.

    • “it was ALL pleasurable” so true!

      BTW, I just listened to Graham Nash’s autobiography on audiobook; it was read by the man himself. I recommend it as a book but especially as an audio book just to hear Nash read it himself.

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