5 comments on “1960′s & 1970′s Album Track Gems . . . . . . . . . . . . . GRAND FUNK RAILROAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “INSIDE LOOKING OUT” . . . . . . . . November 1969 NEARLY 10 MINUTES OF PURE ROCK ! . . . . . . . . . NEARLY 7 MILLION VIEWS ! . . . . . PLUS . . . . . TYA vs GFR World-Class Battle of the Bands! 1970

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  2. So many great images emerging from this great post, thank you! As with you, GFR wasn’t one of my favorite bands (more akin to a guilty pleasure) but they rocked and respected their audience by playing as if each performance was an audition. I still think Mark Farner has one of the best voices in rock & roll. As for that money grubbing bully Peter Grant; he’ll best be remembered as the corpulent image of a man who Ian Anderson didn’t want to be.

    • Thanks, Man, always appreciated.
      The question was “which LP to play next” and when there were clear choices, bands like GFR lost out. But they absolutely won me over back in 1970, and I like that.

  3. Great post and an even better concert. Are you Marzenu? Recognize everyone else. One of the rowdiest concerts, I remember going to and definitely one of the best of the gazillion we went to. Amazing that you can remember which of the psychic applications was present that night. Keep these posts coming!
    Not much classic rock down here so I live on CD’s, VH-1 Classic and an occasional concert and some great posts. So thanks for the slightly foggy memories!

    • Marzenus? He drove half of us to the Who Anaheim Stadium concert in his white step van and rented the “Topside Room” with me down the back alley of McDonald’s, in fact you were there after the Hendrix Forum concert with a bunch o’ the gang – I’ll have to complete the second half of that night – read the “Jimi Hendrix Forum concert 1970” in the search at top.
      I will keep these posts goin’ as there is much, much more to archive, as you well know.
      I’m certain it was Double Dome at the Who concert, so maybe it was White Lightning at TYA vs GFR. Yeah. Maybe.

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