9 comments on “1960’s and 1970’s Culture Archives . . . . . . . . . . . . . A TRUE ACCOUNT OF A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LOS ANGELES HIPPIE – 1971

  1. i recall that fateful earthquake on 2/9/71….ironically the last waltz at the san souci temple took place on 2/7/70…i was asleep at my parents’ house in la when the chandelier in my room started to swing back and forth and my dog barked uncontrollably during the quake….it seemed like all hell broke loose in the southland…
    meanwhile i left the house to assume my duties at the green power free store which was at 844 west pico blvd near lincoln blvd in santa monica….at the time we were building for the valentines day dance/benefit at griffith park…of course i was tuned to kppc -fm to pick up on the latest updates….

    • Pieman, you’re a true Hippie, glad that you were on the scene then, and now.
      We experienced historic good times and good vibes in a once in a lifetime era!
      Bathe in the rich memories of Peace and Love, Brother.

  2. What a great recollection, extract and quintessence; a perfect example of days that were similarly lived by we few, we band of brothers and sisters (apologies to the Bard). How fortunate that we were once the soul of a generation.

    The Moody Blues song, Tuesday Afternoon, also celebrated the wonders to be experienced in an ordinary day. Within Justin Hayward’s beautiful lyrics we all realized how the simple pleasure of living, unrestricted by convention, could make any day a mystical experience. “The trees are calling me near, I’ve got to find out why”… yup, been there, done that and nature has never seemed the same since.

    Back then, each day seemed a gift, a chance to congregate and experience fun, synergy, synchronicity and the mysteries within and without us. No matter how much of a stranger-in-a-strange-land* Amerika made us feel, it would only take a nod from another freak to remind us that we were never really alone. The mutual similarities in your story are a reminder of how we were all connected. Thank You.

    *I must have taken too many cliché pills today!

    • You know that we are each other’s Doppelganger – I echo your sentiments exactly.
      That is the most difficult aspect of this “endevour”; to communicate in words the real magic in everyday life back then. It was like we lived in a different world, which it was, but at the time the transition was like stepping thru a looking glass or down a rabbit hole, we entered a very special world every day that held forth exciting anticipation of a wholly unknown fun.

      Nope, the above still does not explain the feelings, maybe like you’ve said that there are no words to describe that era – another reason that we were blessed, we got to experience and live it!

      • Absolutely we were so fortunate! We’ll have to decide on a political post. I’ll need some time to work on it because between the hep treatment and my job (selling aluminum extrusions to pool enclosure contractors), it doesn’t leave me much energy. Fortunately my wife, Pam, just retired from teaching so she’s taking up a lot of the tasks that we used to share. At 63, I’m ready for retirement myself but we adopted a 2 year old girl (Katie) from China in 2000 and she’s only 13 now so I’ll be working for a while. Do you have any ideas for a topic?

        • Sorry for the delay, but, Doppleganger Brother, no sooner than you related your work situation than I got a gig with a start-up as a graphic designer and writer – this 00indiviual blogsite sealed the job! And it’s literally a 2 minute drive to their offices! With a youthful group of Benetton, nerd and goth techies.
          So, this may cut into my fiercely leisure blog writing – went from a post every 3 days for over a year t every 4 days posting beginning of this year, so I should be able to keep up the pace.

          As far as political topics, there are so many, but I’d like to keep it in the Gonzo journalism archiving of actual life experiences … so if you feel your past personal revolutionary experience or anything that you were part of generally or specifically would be great. I know I’m not being specific but we can work it anyway you’d like with your name or handle prominently displayed as “Guest Blogger” / “Featured Writer” / “Wild and Crazy Revolutionary” whatever you’d like, you get the idea, and I can add appropriate header art and we can include links to songs that pertain, like I always try to do.
          It would really be great to include much-needed political subject matter for the archives.
          While I know the same history we all knew, I was never on the front lines or even in any “protests”, mainly because they were all too far away, nothin’ ever went down in my sleepy beach town.
          Anyway think it over, we’re Doppleganers of sort so I’m sure that whatever informative slant on any political issues you’d like to relate, I’d agree!
          If you have several ideas let me know.
          Take care Brother Man.

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