3 comments on “1970′s Historic & Classic Albums . . . . . . . . . . . PAUL KANTNER & JEFFERSON STARSHIP . . . BLOWS AGAINST THE EMPIRE . 1970

  1. …Only the sun knows what we really need to know
    Only the sun holds the secret
    And more than human can we be…

    This album is such a good choice; a gem and one of my favorite albums. “Have You Seen The Stars Tonight” elicits the same beautiful and romantic imagery now as it did when I first heard it all those years ago.

    …Hydroponic gardens and forests
    Glistening with lakes in the Jupiter starlight…

    Kantner’s writing really tapped into the acid soaked, revolutionary spirit of our consciousness better than anyone else and hijacking the first starship seemed like a natural extension of where we seemed to be going at the time.

    …At first I was iridescent
    Then I became transparent
    Finally I was absent…

    …The melting acid fever streaking through my mind
    Makes it oh so difficult to see you…

    I couldn’t wait to join the 7000 volunteers, assume the role of the mighty, say goodbye to Amerika, go off to bright Andromeda, say hello to the garden and walk on the deck with my lady!

    …Gotta get back and ahead to the things that matter
    Amerika hates her crazies
    And you gotta let go you know
    Gotta let go you know…

    …I, We, All Together…

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