6 comments on “1960′s & 1970′s Album Track Gems . . . . . . . . . . . . . MICK JAGGER . . . . . . . MEMO FROM TURNER . . . September 19, 1970

  1. A hellova song and a hellova movie! Fox was great and Jagger was surprisingly good too! Filmed in Notting Hill when the property values were low, lol. Not the same atmosphere in that part of town anymore; a real life Turner might live there in the 60’s but Jagger might live there now. The scuttlebutt is that Keith was upset because he believed that his girl and Stones muse, Anita Pallenberg, was having an affair with Mick during the filming (Anita, be still my beating heart!). Something that’s bothered me since I first heard the song: what the hell is “plasticon”?

    • “Tubes of Plasticon” sounds like something Alex and his Droogies may use to drink their Synthmesc and Vellocet – or – the dispensers from “Soylent Green” – now there’s a good idea that just never got off the ground, … or did t?

  2. As I too appreciate your chronicle and I have to mention her name again – Anita. The embodiment of 60’s cool, edge and sexiness; only someone like Keith would qualify but I could dream!

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