9 comments on “1960′s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . BLUE CHEER . . . . VINCEBUS ERUPTUM . . . . January 1968

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  2. LOUD?—Fuck Yeah—I saw Blue Cheer and The Animals play The Palm Springs Pop Festival in April 1968. Blue Cheer was so loud they were forced to “turn it down”–They went from 11 to 10 on the (Spinal Tap) volume dial –Homeowners were complaining about the racket 5+ miles away .

    • Hey!? Where was I? How come I wasn’t in in on that? April ’68, oh, yeah, I think I was seeing two girls at the same time – kinda consumed my ‘free’ time. Still, you shoulda made me go. Friends don’t let friends miss Pop Festivals, especially in ’68!

      • 00indie— you were invited but you had drum lessons—Or maybe you had to bus tables at that restaurant we worked at..You are “invited” to the concerts up here–

  3. 00individual – another well written post, thank you. We differ in that you are far more tolerant and holistic in your appreciation of Rock & Roll. On the other hand, I am more opinionated and perhaps a bit too prejudiced.

    For instance, within my circle of friends the Jeff Beck Group was better than Led Zeppelin; Beck stuck more to the roots of the blues. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Zep but it was apparent at first listening that Page had a few tricks that he relied heavily on and Plant rarely gave the music a chance to breath (especially live).

    Certain groups seemed to get by on minimal talent and to my mind Blue Cheer was one of them. Back in the day we bought almost every new album that came out and when BC’s 1st was released we took it home and played it once. After that, the album was relegated it to the pile of albums by groups that were “lesser lights”*. This pile of records, sadly, was growing all to quickly.

    BC couldn’t compare to Traffic, the Beatles, Cream, John Mayall, etc. For us, the beginning of the end was Alice Cooper. With that group came a new type of audience, one that lacked discretion and we had nothing in common with these kids.

    Everyone has their guilty pleasures but Vincebus Eruptum was not an album that we’d think of putting on when we were gathering to partake in the sacraments.

    *i.e. the moon is a lesser light to the sun.

    • Thanks for your continued contributions!

      While my “higher-state” agrees with you overall, my goal with this site is to relate the zeitgeist; the emotional vibe of the moment that time and history seem to iron-out.
      That feeling of youth, rebellion and Rock is what I want people to remember or know existed.

      To me Rock ‘n’ Roll is 80% heart, 10% sweat and 10% talent, as talent can be rare and fleeting.

      The word for my viewpoint is “appreciative”; I appreciate effort and that counts for a lot.
      Since I’m an artist, with a pop-culture specialty that has kept me young and in touch with those days, I know the hard work and effort it takes to follow your dream(s) and reach a certain high-watermark – altho it eventually recedes, you made your mark.
      Blue Cheer did just that. – when it counted.

      I appreciate dedication in all kinds of music, hey, I appreciate Alice Cooper!

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