7 comments on “1960′s Historic & Classic Rock Albums . . . . . . . . . . HAIR . . . ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST RECORDING May 1968

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  2. Another spot on post! Thank you! The old saying that history is written by the victor is never more true than when referring to the 60’s. Perhaps the same was true of those that went through the Roaring 20’s. Maybe something else was going on then but the story that we’ve all been fed about that time is a consistant flow of images showing wild parties, hedonism and excess.

    There were very few of us in the 60’s who “got it”. It didn’t seem like it at the time but we were a minority within our own generation. Yes, as the decade progressed more and more were added to the ranks, especially after the Woodstock movie was released but the original meanings became diluted as the youth of the world assimilated into the counterculture.

    Arlo’s pithy announcement “lotta Freaks” at Woodstock was inaccurate. Most of the festival’s attendees had short hair and were only recently introduced to the music. Many of them didn’t understand the origins, influences or intentions of the music. After the Woodstock documentary came out the flood gates opened and it was the begining of the end for the counterculture – death by absorption.

    The music became our raison d’être, it gave us our conceit and it validated everything (what could be wrong if this was so great?). Musicians were our peers, not ivory tower inhabitants. Musicians may have had an advantage where they sat in the ship’s bird nest as they shouted down to us what we were all about to see but musicians were freaks and they created music for freaks. They were concerned with how we felt and we were all connected by their art.

    Webster hasn’t created the words to explain how that music touched us. We knew that the musicians and artists were going through the same experiences as we were. They were our brothers and sisters. If it’s true that art takes the viewer/listener to the level of consciousness that the artist was at when it was created then it can also be said that to really understand Hendrix, his music needs to be experienced while tripping.

    Quantum physics tells us that everything is one, the cosmos and everything in it eminates from the same source material. We were the only generation that experienced this truth on a subjective level, the only generation with a support system which held our collective hands as we traveled on that cosmic journey. We are star stuff, we are golden and we owe it to ourselves to set the record of our history straight, lest we be remembered only as a mid century version of the Roaring 20’s.

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