12 comments on “DEEP PURPLE – MACHINE HEAD WORLD TOUR – 1973

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  3. Rory Gallagher opened and was totally awesome. I bought his Live album right after the show… no one booed him. Fleetwood Mac was playing real long jams that weren’t what we wanted. They had absolutely no energy. The tickets by the way bought in advance were $5.50. When Blackmore tossed his chrome guitar to the top of the stage curtain then yanked it down, and they went right into the next song “Space Trucking,” it was electric.

  4. I swa that line up! The Long Beach Show was perfection. The more sophisticated coastal arena crowd was repectable of new Fleetwood Mac material, and got a rousing version “Oh Well”. Rory Gallagher got the place on it’s feet. Deep Purple did a story book set, and performed the rare but brilliant “Mary Long”. BTW there never really was a definitive “Machine Head” tour. More of a “Who Do We Think We Are” tour with the main set consisting of Machine Head and Fireball material. One of the all time great concert events! Thanks for the memories.

    • Hey, it was a turning point in ’73 – the Love Generation was losing its grip; besides Swing had 3,500 less attendance than Long Beach and the crowd contagion took control.
      A minor blip that only made DP perform to the max for their Hard-Core Fans.
      Thanks for attending this site!

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  7. Remember that Rory Gallagher opened the show April 13, 1973 and surely worked up the crowd before the fleetwood mac disappointment. Rory opened many shows for Deep Purple. I am sure he and Ritchie had much to speak about being stratocaster masters.

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